Undead Ogres of Bol – welcome to Gnork, Udok, Karl and Iz (ATOTGB Undead 2)

Since Jonas is away on a music festival I though I might as well cheat and add another unit to the Tale! 

Once a band of roving ogres that made the foothills between the Moot and the Worlds Edge Mountains an unsafe place to travel, the 4 ogres Gnork, Udok, Karl and Iz are now roaming the country in the unlife. 

In life, the ogres thrived as highway robbers. Gnork and Iz both wielded heavy woodcutter axes so that they could chop down  trees and obstruct the path of wheeled carriages on the roads. 

One day, the 4 had laid an especially cunning plan to stop an impressive looking imperial coach on it’s way to Dönerdorf. They had decided to cut down two trees this time to make absolutely certain that the coach would be stopped. As it approached Karl gave the secret hand sign and yelled “Tiiiimber!”. A creaking sound was heard followed by a harrowing *SQUISH-THUMP*! 

When the crew of the Imperial coach arrived to find 4 dead ogres killed by 2 trees blocking the road they stood in hesitation for moment, uncertain if it was a trick or ploy by some group of thieves or robbers? But nothing moved or stirred. Employing the horses the trees were moved to the sides and the ogres were left to rot in the sun…  
I have completed my second unit for my Undead force in the army challenge I am conducting together with Jonas of deathworldadventures.blogspot.com.
Just to rattle the bee hive a little, none of these figures are actually Games Workshop… and there aren’t even any undead ogres in Warhammer. Neither 3rd edition or any of the following editions. So what is going on? Well, truthfully I bought the figures on a whim and I think they fit the old school style nicely. The first two from the left are from www.ralparthaeurope.co.uk and the next two are,  I believe,  from www.krakongames.com.  
Rules wise I will be playing them as Ogres… more or less. Conceptually they should be undead, but my grasp of the rules is not great enough yet that I might tamper with them. I could give them the various rules from undead skeletons and up their points by 50%  – that seems fair… but I am not sure yet. In the end it doesn’t matter much as I only play with Jonas anyways.
Painting wise I have not veered from my initial description given under the Chariots of Fire. I have opted to paint the wood with Coat D’Arms Barbarian Leather instead of Vallejo Black Grey this time though. The cloth is all Games Workshop Black Templar wash. Otherwise it follows the same description.
The Undead Army Progress; Bold Indicates completed

1 Necromancer
X Undead Heroes
1 Undead Hero on Undead Horse
21 skeleton warriors, with hand weapon and shield + full command, 253 pts
20 skeleton warriors, with spear, shield and heavy armour + full command, 330 pts
20 skeleton archers, 240 pts
2 undead chariots, 88+108, 196 pts
2 skullchuckers, 85+85 = 170 pts
20 zombies+full command, 88 pts
21 ghouls, 168 pts
6 undead horsemen,  heavy armour, shield, lances + full command, 208 pts
4 undead ogres (1 lvl 5 hero), 228 pts
1 carrion, 45 pts
2 ghosts, 100 pts
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2: Undead Ogres of Bol – welcome to Gnork, Udok, Karl and Iz


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