Putting the RIOT back in chariot! (ATOTGB Undead 1)

I hereby present the first unit for my A Tale Of Two Gaming Buddies Undead Army. 
In the ancient history of our world chariots were made popular by fashionistas like the Egyptians and bearded hipsters like the Assyrians. They sported hot wheels carried forward by frothing horses under the beating sun. The girls went wild!  The chariots,  however,  proved to have considerable drawbacks. For instance they mainly worked on 100% flat ground… small bumps and stones could really took the day for a charioteer… and with later innovations like the riding horse, the saddle and the good bow, the Assyrian hipster mobile quickly became obsolete and the cool dudes were left with long faces and long beards. 
In the glorious Warhammer world,  however,  chariots are eternally relevant!!! What better way to smite your enemy than to drive into him with scythed wheels screaming at the top of your lungs?

I have painted two chariots for my force.  Both are remnants of the great force of the mummy Lord Tut Ankh Amuck. Now they follow the unbending will of Ulrich Kemler and as he gathers his forces the charioteers have awakened from their slumber next to their former lord. 

In undeath the charioteers ride to set the world ablaze and nothing soothes their empty souls more than the sight of the flaming skulls of their enemies as they race across the landscapes.

Painting wise I was inspired by the John Blanche artwork here:

I love the bone coloured skeletons in the image. I think it is proper old school.  I also don’t want to go overboard with rust and grime. These are magical beings – they don’t have to be rusty.

My recipe for painting the old school skeleton bones goes as follows:
White undercoat
Vallejo Beige thinned to a wash
Coat D’Arms Barbarian Leather thinned to a wash
Games Workshop Casandora Yellow Wash
Vallejo Beige drybrush
Vallejo Off White drybrush*
*Teeth, sockets and nose hole get a P3 Umbral Umber wash before these steps
Vallejo Gun Metal
P3 Bloodstone thinned to a  wash
Games Workshop Nuln Oil wash
Vallejo Chainmail Silver drybrush
Shafts and leather:
Vallejo Black Grey
Vallejo Dark Earth texture paint
Games Workshop Elysian Green drybrush
Coat D’Arms Putrid Green drybrush

Hence, I now hand over the gauntlet to Jonas of deathworldadventures.blogspot.com for the next entry!

The Undead Army Progress; Bold Indicates completed

1 Necromancer
X Undead Heroes
1 Undead Hero on Undead Horse
21 skeleton warriors, with hand weapon and shield + full command, 253 pts
20 skeleton warriors, with spear, shield and heavy armour + full command, 330 pts
20 skeleton archers, 240 pts
2 undead chariots, 88+108, 196 pts
2 skullchuckers, 85+85 = 170 pts
20 zombies+full command, 88 pts
21 ghouls, 168 pts
6 undead horsemen,  heavy armour, shield, lances + full command, 208 pts

4 undead ogres, 180 pts
1 carrion, 45 pts
2 ghosts, 100 pts
Post in the series:
1: Putting the RIOT back in chariot (Undead Chariots)


  1. Blue? Theres nu blue here. But sometimes pictures are displayed differently across devices. These are exactly like at Åcon, yes. I like my painting quick and dirty… as you can see under the recipe description.



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