Bent Ejaas and the Spirits of the River Kawi

Today’s post was supposed to be about some river trolls I painted in January. That post is now below. Instead I want first to pay homage to my friend Bent, who chose to take his own life last Sunday. I was shocked when I heard it. It is horrifying and crazy that the same person can hold this potential and then seem the happiest guy in the room on many occasions. 
I’ve known Bent since the early 00’s, first on strictly as “BentogAviser” (Bent and news papers – forum handle… no idea why!) and I remember not believing it when he said Bent was his real name.
We were the same age and ventured through many of the same life cycles and met up for painting all along. Over the years we met every now and then, but during the last 5 years it was less and less. Bent was a regular at the miniatures convention for alternative games I used to instigate. 
I knew he was occasionally struggling, but I had no idea he was in danger like this. I only remember him smiling and laughing harder than anyone else in the room. 
Compared to this, miniatures seem irrelevant… but then again this was our connection. I still have quite a few things from Bent including some greens, some plaguebearers he painted once, and a marauder giant. I will try to do something about these things as a final homage to an absolutely great guy, although right now I don’t even feel like picking up a brush.
BentogAviser I will never forget you and thanks for all the good times. Goodbye my friend.
Original post (don’t know what to do with it):
The river Kawi runs through most of the Melnibonean Phar Eist. Along it lies multiple fishing villages.
The fishermen have many myths and stories about the strange creatures that dwell below the surface of the water. One such myth is that of the spirit of the river – the kawatoro. In this myth, mighty beings – the kawatoro – leave the water during the night and go to the fishing villages to steal babies and fish.
It is perhaps best that the fishermen do not learn that the kawatoro actually exist!
Here three specimens have been caught by a pict box:


  1. Fantastic work on those lovely old trolls DtV!I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I never knew him, but I'm guessing that he would like to see you continuing to post lovely paint jobs like these.



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