Tales from Kenwah, Scenario 2: The Best Revenge is Blood Revenge

After the total humiliation at Rustville, the Izwahrian leader Erzah has put a bounty on the head of the surviving members of the Brotherhood of The Void. At the same time they have sent agents out to investigate the precise connection between the robbery and the brotherhood. Something does not add up – how can the apparently chronically chemically empty minded brothers scheme for such a cunning plan? Someone is bound to have given them assistance.

Bountyhunters and soldiers of fortune are found in abundance within the Imperial boundaries, but the Izwahrians are – perhaps wisely – inherently sceptic towards members of the human race. Therefore, the assignment of liquidating the brothers has gone to a more gruesome scare of Bearusskians. They have been hanging out on Kenwah for the last couple of months. The leader Pietr P’ly is completely ruthless when it comes to achieving his goals.

The Brotherhoods’ drug habits have made it an easy job for P’ly’s men,  through local drug dealers, to locate the brothers’ hideout and beat the remaining details about Juhanni The Cat out of the few guards that were left.

P’ly has sent a group of 4 of his Bearussikian assassins out to measure out revenge and in the cover of early morning they attack Juhanni’s hideout on a seemingly peaceful algae farm.    

Juhanni is surrounded by his henchmen in the form of space pirates, players, adventurers and whatever else might be found in the corners. 

Bearusskian goals: 1: Assasinate Juhanni The Cat 2: Save or Destroy the Super-1 benzene.

The algae farms breathes peace and quiet in the early morning. 

Still with sleep in their eyes,  Juhanni’s henchmen are shaking off last night’s booze and guarding the perimeter. 

 Unbeknownst to them, the Bearusskian mercenaries start their approach. 

Ducking out of cover they have the compound encircled

Armed with deadly soundless they’ll make short business of the henchmen

Juhanni and his men are preparing for another day with new hustles and new endeavours

Given his instructions to the henchmen Juhanni wonders what this day has to offer? Another success?

Gene Stealer scents an unfamiliar smell on the air? Perhaps Rustville is burning again?

Juhanni’s pet monster, am umberhulk is roaring it’s morning roar. Waiting for breakfast. 

Iron Trooper and Gildor the Unbereaved are starting their guard routes

Suddenly the camp is in disarray! Bullets start falling,  along with needles from a needle gun. 

 The henchmen run around the yard trying to find cover from the unknown enemy

Experiment 666 stays close to Juhanni to protect him

Using his acute sense of smell, Gene Stealer hunts down a Bearusskian.

 The assassin swiftly takes him out of operating

Doom Guy runs to aid Gene but is equally gunned down

Juhanni starts feeling the heat and gets going

Iron Trooper is about to be neutralized without even hearing the shot 

The umber hulk confuses the assassin with breakfast… meaning the end of the assassin

Juhanni and few henchmen are now remaining

A sneaky Bearusskian trains him aim on the back of Juhanni but misses

Iron Trooper is taken out… two of the Bearusskians have bitten the dust

With perfect aim the Bearusskian readies to finish the job…

… but the umberhulk is not done breakfasting! The lure of sustenance is too strong!

 Juhanni is saved by the bell and lives to fight another day. 

The Bearusskian mercenaries all end their fluff stuffed lives at the farm. 



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