Tales from Kenwah, Scenario 3: Scorpio Valley

Martin and I played the third scenario of our little Rogue Trader campaign.  In this scenario the Field Police were trying to stop the gang of Juhanni The Cat and arrest the crime Lord. The police had 5 marines, 7 police officers and a sentinel.

 Juhanni had a selection of thugs including a an Ork warbike.

 As an extra spice a set of giant scorpions were roaming the country side and could be encountered during the game.

 Overview of the battlefield.  A long dusty road stretches through the landscape and the unsuspecting criminals are about to get ambushed by the law.

 Shots are fired and the convoy screeches to a halt.  The warbike takes point and heads off to engage the opposition.

 It requires a lot of clever manoeuvring.

 Targeting  practice wasn’t high on the list for the ork back in school… trigger happiness was though!

 The law sentinel goes directly for the kill

The bike is rampaging all over and the sentinel gets wind of Juhanni.

 The marines are cautiously approaching while laying down fire.

 Several officers are taken down and the notorious cyborg criminal “Killer” is about to take out the rest in brutal close combat

The criminals are no match for the sentinel

Killer approaching

The sentinel manages to get all the way to Juhanni and gun him down.

 The warbike had swung around yet again and tries for a last lucky strike on the sentinel.

 However it missed and the law takes the gang into custody.

How will the landscape change now that Juhanni is behind bars?



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