Rogue Trading in the 21st century

I never played Rogue Trader when it was alive and pulsing.  I  fact, I didn’t even know about until well into the Naughties. However, by now I have completely fallen for the narrative approach and the utterly crazy amount of details found in the “tome”.
Having recently moved to a new area with lots of people into oldhammer I have even managed to have a couple of Rogue Trader games.  The mechanics are definitely altmodisch in their feel and I think it is fair to say that it is a rules set that can be cumbersome.  But I actually like this quant feeling and I think it goes extremely well with an evening of gaming with old miniatures and slow beer.
I  the next couple of posts I will detail my Rogue Trader efforts in gaming and painting starting here with a motley crew of figures painted for an on going campaign:
The motley crew of miscreants working as guards on the premises of Juhanni the Cat at his algae farm.

An Umberhulk – a pet creature / monster of Juhanni The Cat, a notorious criminal mastermind.

Bearusskian mercenaries. If you have the money, they will get the job done.


  1. That's great that you discovered RT and are now able to play it. Lovely squad of ne'er-do-wells you got yourself there. Nice paint jobs on them too. The Bob Olley testicle head guys are really cool, unique additions too.I'll be reading through your RT batreps to see how it all pans out.Excellent stuff man 🙂


  2. Thanks man! It is a very giving to make this kind of thing with feedback like that. I actually had a stab at getting all the space pirates in one go a few years back. In a fit of insanity I decided not to get them all but let other people have a chance at it too…. haha! Oh well, you live you learn, you die you burn!



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