BLAM 2018

I usually go to England once a year to participate in BLAM – the British Lead Adventure Meetup. Although the title suggests that it is exclusively for British people, it is in fact visited by folks from Ireland, The US, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and on and on. 
This year it felt a little more pressing to go as I didn’t know whether or not I would be able to in the future (pending Brexit). 
As usual the BLAM entails loads of well painted miniatures and elaborate gaming boards. Instead of detailed play by play reports I will simply share some images from the games I played:
First I played Necromunda. A fantastic classic from Games Workshop, now updated in a very elegant new edition.

The game was set on rocks protruding from the ocean. You could even see through the ocean top to the sea bottom beneath,

The GM is busy drinking beer while managing the game.

Some of the involved warriors.

My next game was inspired by 80s action movies about South American drug cartels. The rules were based on Fistful of Lead (coke) and incidentally the author – Jay  – had also flown to London from the U.S. to play with us. 

The Cesna was a brilliant detail 

All the terrain was made by the guy from Oshiro Models. Very high class. 

Point counters came in the form of dollar bills and coke bags. 🙂

US DEA agents ruin the day

Next I played Boxer Rebellion. A cool small game with some very simple rules made by the presenter himself (Oshiro Models). We played it several times. 

Next I played Judge Dredd. The images speak for themselves. The rules were based on 7TV.

My last game this year’s BLAM was cowboys vs. indians. This really got me back to my childhood boys’ room where I would play with Playmobil cowboys and indians exactly like these. What a joy it was to play. (never mind the insane cost it must have been to put together)

Taking photos of people taking photos is always worth while

On the Sunday at BLAM a VSF game is normally played. I like the look of it, but find that it is often too longwinded for my liking. I left before the game ended. 

One aspect of BLAM that is as important as the gaming is the socializing both during the day but also in the evening where we typically go to dine.

I hope to see some of these crazy people again in the future. Whether or not the UK is in the EU

I had to buy the Galactic Heroes (fistful of space) rules from the author. 

All in all a brilliant experience again. 


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