ArosCon 2018

This year I had the pleasure of joining a throng of frothing miniatures nerds for a convention in Aarhus called Aroscon. 
There were plenty of delightfully painted miniatures in games of Flames of War, Warhammer 40.000, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warmachine, Star Wars Legion, and of course the crowd favourite – Age of Sigmar.

The troop arranging the convention had done a splendid job at including all the various aspects of the hobby. There were free tables for pick up games, a demo table for newbs, a nice cafeteria, and a large area dedicated to painting miniatures for those so inclined. 

The terrain had a high standard for what I have seen in previous years. When I started in the hobby a tournament would mean green gaming tables with shitty half painted terrain in most cases but the very few select events.

But not here – at Aroscon eveythign but Warmachine looked absolutely fantastic. I guess perhaps people have become accustomed to gaming mats now, but to me a hall full of resin/3d sculpted scenary well painted and placed on gaming mats looked the business.

A terrible battle between the Kharadron Overlords and the nefarious servants of Nurgle.

Perhaps the Duardin search for aether-gold has taken them too far now?

Lots of stable Nurgle units. Drones, plaguebearers and blightkings. I could have fielded this myself. 

Unlike me though, this guy probably knew what he was doing.

Ahem… the bases the bases! But generally the painting level was very good!

A nice original take on plaguebearers.

Stormcast Eternals vs. Seraphon I believe.

Slaneesh vs. Sylvaneth

Tzeentch vs. Ogors

Boensplitters vs. Legions of Nagash

A nice looking Bonesplitter army. I have not seen one of those before.

A nice magmatable with 3d printed stuff. No idea about how it works.

The ‘Olde Guarde’ of Warhammer Fantasy Battle players. They are quite happy to play WFB as they have always done and of course they should be very welcome to do so at ArosCon. 🙂

The Star Wars Legion tables were also really well looking. 

Unfortunately I dind’t manage to photograph all of them. But here is some distinctly Endoric terrain.

A huge cafeteria with a bit of Bloodbowl going on. And a lot of food. 

A table available for a pick up game. Incidentally it looks a lot like the table I am contemplating for my AoS. I really like it. I wish I knew where the mat was from. Any pointers on that would be welcome. 

The painting area were I spent a few hours myself. 

The only downside to the whole thing had to be the Warmachine tables. I actually played warmachine back in the day. It used to be that you had to write it in capital letters… WARMACHINE. Back when I played it was known for fully and well painted armies for almost everyone because you didn’t need that many figures. 

The site at Aroscon was quite different… unpainted armies on flat “2d” terrain… only not terrain but equally sized fields of non-slip mat. Initially I thought it was some kind of joke or in between games set-up, but it turned out simply to be the way it was supposed to look. It don’t understand why they bother with miniatures then….

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