Spreading Grandfather’s joy across the Mortal Realms

 I recently had the great fortune of getting in two games of my current favourite game Age of Sigmar.  Both games were at vanguard level. 
We play a very laid back, but still competitive style… competitive only meaning that we do use points and objectives and try to follow the rules.  It does not mean that we min/max and only play tournament scenarios. 
For the games I fielded my new nurgle army. With the following:
Madame Gangrene (great unclean one, general)
Battle line:
2x 10 plaguebearers (pbs)
3 plague drones
3 nurglings
1000 pts 
I actually failed to use any wargear or traits so haven’t listed those. 
My partner in crime, Uncle Jonas of deathworldadventures.blogspot.com is a stout defender of the world that was and what could be more fitting than fielding an old school Dwarf… oh sorry, Duardin army.  
Uncle Jonas had:
The White Dwarf (Warden King, general)
Battle line:
 10 Warriors
 10 Warriors
 10 Ironbreakers
20 Quarrellers
 1 Canon
1040 pts
First game was generated with Open War cards.  We got Kingslayer, narrow edge deployment and I was allowed to ambush. 
Basically we had to take out as many wounds as possible, doubling the score if the enemy general is killed. 

 The starting set-up.  I got the first turn and chose to start. My gnarlmaw was placed dead centre to cause as much noise as possible. 

I sent Madame Gangrene directly towards the iron breakers whom I were sure I could dismantle easily. 

 Otherwise I had a unit of pbs on each side and drones with poxbringer on the right side. 

My drones tried to get to the White Dwarf to get an early score and kill the general. I failed to keep them within 7” of a hero which turned out to be a big mistake as their locus is then lost which nerfs the venomous sting a lot. 

 Uncle Jonas kept banging Madame Gangrene with all he had until she nearly lost to the unforged. Sad! 1 wound left. Could be saved at the start of turn healing. 

My drones were very ineffective and took a heavy toll to quarrellers and cannon.  The White Dwarf also killed them a lot. 

 My nurglings kept a unit of quarrellers fairly occupied and i like to think how much better they will do this in the new edition.  🙂

 My last ditch charge rolls failed so only the poxbringer went ahead. 

 I could still win if Madame Gangrene survived and the White Dwarf was killed. 

 Unfortunately I  was too slow.  The poxbringer died… and my last hope in form of a spell was list. 

 Uncle Jonas got The double turn and Madame Gangrene was ended.  The White Dwarf was out of reach – game over. 

I forgot more or less everything that wasn’t explicitly stated on my scrolls… except for my command ability, which was stated, but I still forgot. 
After that we had a second game. 
Game 2:
Scenario: battle of the pass 
This time we played the scenario straight out of G.H.B.2017. 4 objectives are laid out, with one in each end zone and two in the middle along the centre line.

This time I tried to have a big think on what to do… and not forget command abilities, gadgets and spells.  

I chose to deploy with a heavy leaning to one side and the nurglings in hiding. I tried to go for setting up the gnarlmaw on the objective in the Disposssed territory but failed to win the roll off and thus it ended up in my own territory. 

I would storm ahead with my drones and use the command ability of Madame Gangrene to boost them.

Uncle Jonas had placed his quarrellers closest and it would be possible to reach them in turn two with a bit of luck. I had a lucky charge roll and reached them without problems. 

 Uncles Jonas tried to shoot the drones with his cannon but the fire was inefficient. This was a game changer… at 2×4+/2+/-2/d6 the cannon could quickly finish off the drones otherwise. 

 Instead the unscathed drone unit eviscerated all 20 quarrellers. Tthe command ability was terribly efficient!

The nurglings emerged from a patch of greenery and launched a full on attack on the white dwarf (Uncle Jonas’ general)

On the other flank a unit of 10 pbs with a poxbringer as support  secured the other centre objective and fought off some duardin. Being forced to charge the Duardin lost the shield wall and were easily cut down. 

I now held the two centre objectives. And was en route to get the enemy territory one too with my nurglings. 

 All Uncle Jonas had to do though was to fight them off… so I had to commit the drones to that objective too and just ignore the cannon. 

 Uncle Jonas pulled a good one out of the hat when his iron breakers arrived by magic pickaxe to secure the objective inn my territory. This could get expensive. 

The drones quickly caught the deep objective and we decided to call the game there. 

I  hindsight the game was decided not so much by the drones as by the cannon’s inability to hit.  Two rounds of fire from it could easily take out the lot of the drones. 

Then I would most likely have lost. 

I am sure Uncle Jonas won’t hit as bad next time. 

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day in good company. 
I have ordered side fyreslayers, some AoS, and shadespire so there will be more of this coming to the blog. 

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  1. Awesome battle reports :)I've been having quite a bit of fun with AoS recently with my Nurgle army. But it get's quite competitive around my local scene.I prefer laid back, the open war cards have been a wonder for me. My regular opponent and I tended to sort of hybrid, matched play points, but play by open play rules.



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