Scandinavian Oldhammer Day – They Fought The Law… and The Law Won

In a collaboration with Martin of I wrote a scenario for Scandinavian Oldhammer Day in Copenhagen. The event was in early 2019 and although the attendance was quite limited, it was enjoyable all the same.

Our shared contribution was a 4-player Rogue Trader game. Martin supplied miniatures and terrain, while I made some markers and wrote the scenario.

The full scenario can be found

Here’s an excerpt from the document to set the tone:

Rumours of an impending planetary lockdown, while law enforcement rounds up every thug, mischief and cretin on the surface, has spread like wildfire for the past few days. 90% of the planets spacegoing crafts disappeared within the first few hours as the rich and wealthy kingpins fled into space. Now, on the last day, within the final hours before the invasion, as the silhouette of the law fleet can be seen in the sky, the last miscreants are scrapping for the few shuttles still capable of leaving. Soon only the tumble weeds will be moving on the surface of the planet. 

4-player variant. Set Up: 4’x4’ table, with several buildings forming a sort of main street, deserted cars and scrap all over. In the center there’s a shuttle with 3 crewmen standing about, making ready for take-off. Each gang starts within 6’’ of a corner.

Before the Storm: In order to get off the planet each gang faces the problem of gathering enough cash to bribe the shuttle crew to take them in the cargo hold and smuggle them through the law fleet. This planets equivalent of gold is Banuggi Crystals. Each gang starts with d3 crystals symbolized by Banuggi Crystal markersthat are put in base contact with the miniature carrying them.

The Bribe to The Sky: One or several gang members may approach the crew (move into base contact) and present a bribe of any amount of Banuggi Crystals. Roll 1d10 plus the number of crystal markers offered. If the total is 14 or more the crew considers the bribe to be worth the risk and immediately (end of current turn) takes off with the members in base contact. If the total is less than 14 the crew are not convinced it is worth the risk. Any future offers must be at least 1 greater than the failed offer. Eg. Starscrew offers a crewman 4 Banuggi Crystals to take him and his 3 remaining gangers off the planet. The player rolls 1d10+4 needing a 9. He rolls an 8 and therefore the roll fails. The next offer (by any gang) must now at least be 5 Banuggi Crystals.

So in essence the gangs had to get through the houses on the board and bring the crystals to the crew in the middle.

The setup was dominated by a lot of adobe type space houses.

The local police would enter at a point and start slaying whatever was in the way

Approaching from one end the law men make short notice of whatever they come across

A zoat seems to be trying to bribe the crew with banuggi crystals. 
Another picture of the zoat en route.

Sometimes when showing RT to new players, it can be a challenge because they are used to new and fast paced games, but this crowd seemed to be mightily happy about it all. 


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