Chaos Rampant in The Olde Worlde

I am very happy about the new Dragon Rampant rules. I have always been a really big fan of the Old Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing game and in a fit of nostalgia I have rebased and added a few models to a Chaotic Raiding force I will use with the Dragon Rampant Rules.

I detest the direction of the later versions of the Warhammer world and although these figures are mono-pose ugly plastics they still have more soul than the new stuff GW pours out in my humble pie opium.

Although I do exactly the same every time I take a photo they seem to come off differently each time… these appear to be very lit!

Brutish Chaos armoured warriors. These will of course be elite infantry @6 pts. 

The goatmen of the woods! I will field them as Bellicose foot.

I will paint this force in full over the next few weeks.

For starters they will raid the coasts of Norsca, where my Saxons and Normans will act the part of Norscans.

Later I intend to add my proper project for Horisont VIII to this thread. That is Undead vs. Halflings.  ;D



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