Conjugation Part 1

A RE 2nd. edition scenario by Nicolai Arvedsen

Since he attained power ten years ago, the Governor Mortalis had enjoyed his privileges. As senior representative of the divine Emporer of Manknd, Mortalis held uncouth power throughout the plæanet and the entire Magmundian System. Magmundian VII was only the 4th largest planet orbiting the star designated ME109 – Named Magmundian from the first settler to set his foot on a planet in the system 22 millennia ago.

As Governor Mortalis felt hed had done everything within his powers (which emcompassed a great deal), to ensure that the Magmundian System contributed with its share to the Imperium.

Magmundian VII was the feeding chamber of the entire sector. Huge quantities of agricultural products left the planet on a daily basis feeding the entire system and the Imperium beyound. During the past four years, production had decreased at the southern continent. Within the governors palace it was rumoured that huge parts of the harvest had withered away on the fields infected by some alien yeast infection. To the governor this however only constituted a minor prolbme. Serious enough to monitor, however far from the most difficult task the governor was facing…

To the Vicegovernor Howard at the southern continent, the present situation required some immediate attention. With the past years failing harvests, supplies of food were running short. The necessity to meet the requirement of the Imperium, meant that the inhabitants of the minor cities would end up starving. In the village of Hree, shortage of food had led to a civil uprising. A mob had killed the local Arbits and currently held several official buildings and commercial outlets. Vicegovernor Howard saw no alternative, he had to use force.

Workers Briefing:
The harvest have failed yet again, and our families are dying. The vicegovernors forces have confiscated all remaining food. Now we have no choice but to defend ourselves from the oppression. Fortunately we have overpowered the hated judge Topwell. Be even now the spies of the vicegovernor have infiltrated the city. We must find them and take them hostage before more troops arrive.

30+3d6 of upset and hungry workers divided in four squads. Each squad carries three krakgrenades.

Vicegovernors Troops:
We must silence these rebels. This is search and destroy. Hunt them down like the greedy hounds they are. Show them that disloyalty has no place among citizens of the Imperium.
Save what you can of the arbites forces still alive in the ruins.

2 sentinels
1 chimera
1 demolisher
1 battle tank
10 PDF troopers

The Game:

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The sentinels scouted ahead in advance of the governors troops. We expected roadside bombs, heavy resistance and all kinds of traps. None were to be found though.

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Under cunning leadership by Torben the sentinels advanced up the streets.

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A group of workers with itchy triggerfingers couldn’t hold their fire and started pouring at the sentinels. To little avail of course.

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A trusty demolisher tank soon turned up to let loose it’s gigantic shells against the rebel fortied positions.

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More worker rabble started pouring out from the buildings. The demolisher aimed for the first spotted enemy and fired it’s gun. No great succes though. The building ate up the shell… rather shaky though. Plenty of rebel scum probably died during the explosion.

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The sentinel on the left flank was assaulted close up by the primitive workers, who had little conception of the Imperiums finest machinery. By workings beyound their own understanding they managed to defile our brave machine! The apelike workmen started shaking the machine as to tip it over in their primitive fashion.

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The glorious PDF forces ajoined the battle in support of a Leman Russ battle tank Mark III. Another part of the pdf squad subdued an unruly workers mob in the small once-been-recreational-ground in front of the hab building.

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The demolisher fired it’s cannon again! The building shook! The workers fled!

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The sentinel on the right flank had advanced even further than any other troop. It came in good view of a mob hiding outside the building shaken by the demolisher. Firing it’s lascannon it vapourized workers left and right!
A workman threw an unholy grenade charged with psychedelic gases against the sentinel. Little could this apeman know that it would only harm himself and his fellow mutineers! One worker went paranoid and fired high and low, another went feeble and sat on the ground! The last went frenzy and tried attacking our sentinel singlemandedly.

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The next fase of the battle of the battle is not described in the records. We managed to get our chim-evac in to the city in order to rescue the arbites holding out. It raced up the right road.

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The trusty demolisher followed suit.

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The darned rebels managed to crack the chimera and send it plunging for a wall! There was little hope. The brutality of the apelike workmen was uncalled for and unexptected. They did not follow the proper Imperial Citizens Uprising Procedure.

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It was decided that the rebels had been given a hard enough lesson for the day. The PDF withdrew victories on all accounts and the rebels licked their wounds.


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