Conjunction Part 2 – The Showdown.

A scenario for the RE Second Edition of Warhammer 40.000 by Nicolai Arvedsen

Following the initial failure of the PDF forces to rescue the stranded arbites units from the city occupied by rebellious elements, Governor Mortalis applied brute force to the city. Sustained long range shelling of the city lead to massive destruction of the city center.

During the sweep missions ensuing the bombings several important non-combatant personal from the rebellious forces were captured by the PDF. An exchange of prisoners was arranged, with the posibility of arranging an end of the hostilities. Planetary Govenor Mortalis sent his personal aid Colonel Zigmunda to act as an advisor to Mr. Hunt, the PDF commander responsible for the campaign against the rebels.

Both sides meet at the town center, with the prisoners being guarded only by a few selected troops. Father Mulder leading the negotiations for the rebel forces, Colonel Zigmunda himself with Mr. Hunt as advisor representing the PDF and the intrests of Govenor Mortalis.

Meanwhile both sides have firesquads creeping into position for a doublecross, snipers taking up positions, keeping leaders in their crosshairs.

As the parley fails to produce a swift result, Father Mulder looses his calm and the fragile truce dissolves, the streets of the ruined city exploding into a frenzied firefight. The hidden squads open fire. A concealed sniper finds Father Mulder, and the elderly sage drops to the floor, a spray of red around him. When a rebel sharpshooter narrowly misses, Colonel Zigmunda quickly realises the hostile situation and turns tail, all thoughts about noble bravery forgotten.

He does, however, not get far, as a squad of rebel fanatics attempts to capture the Governors personal aide. Producing an exquisite powersword Colonel Zigmunda dispenses some imperial justice to the brutes.

Meanwhile, the innocent hostages are brutally gunned down by the PDF elite forces. The PDF prisoners in turn are slain when explosives strapped to them is detonated by remote control, sowing confusion and slaying many.

The many attrocities in the already wartorn city acts as a beacon in the warp. The souls of the innocent making for delicious treats for the daemons. A breach in the very fabric of reality occurs, much to the dismay of fireteam Alpha of the PDF, who is immidiatly knee deep in muck and horrible daemons of Tzeentch.
At this point, the now mortally wounded mr. Hunt calls for aid, the Vicegovenor having promised a “special unit” as assistance. Nolonger caring what exactly the Vicegovenor meant by special, the call goes out, and does not go unheard. Soon after a chimera roars into the towncenter.

Clad in archaic armour adorned with unholy slogans and defamatory allegations against the Emperor, 5 horrifying Chaos Space Marines emerge from the vehicle., killing rebels and PDF soldiers alike! Having forced the Chimera crew to give them a ride into combat, the mutated and terrible warriors relish the opportunity to finally enjoy some slaughtering.

Nolonger held at gunpoint, the Chimera-driver regains his wits, and decides to redeem himself by reversing over the Space Marines, killing one. The gunners chip in, and reducing the horrible avatars of destruction to a single warrior, a terrible tyrant, veteran of countless wars. He roars in anger when seeing his comrades destroyed, and begins hacking his way through the remaining living guardsmen and rebels.

Their daemagogue slain, and their friends murdered the rebels slink away, not wishing to suffer further losses fighting superhuman forces or supperior numbers.

The forces scattered, stunned at the realisation that the Vicegovernor apparently trafics with daemons and has Chaos Space Marine household, the PDF secure the body of the barely breathing Colonel Zigmunda and makes good their escape. Although blisfully unaware of the dire peril their lives, indeed the lives of the entire planets population were in if the Inquisition were ever to get news of the incursion with Chaos, the PDF men were shocked to the very core. Not desirering to return to the capital to explain how they have fought daemons and Chaos Space Marines, the poor dogfaced infantrymen head for the unknown wilds, searching for refuge.



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