Land Raider Down

Landraider Down

A scenario for the RE Second Edition of Warhammer 40.000 by Torben Kastbjerg

It is just a few moments ago that the artillery shells had stopped pounding on the advance of the Blue Falcon Space Marines as they were advancing through the dense undergrowth of the vast forests of Corealis.

Their advanced had initially been halted by these sporadic, yet deadly, artillery shells but now the road ahead lied free of any enemy forces. Or at least, this was the belief of the Imperial Commander; Lord Thorstein von Werfberg and he had ordered elements of the 3rd Detachment to advance as quickly as possible to catch the retreating Orks in a pincher move. Spread out over a vast area to ensure their sweeping advance, each Landraider and accompanying squads were evenly spread with 5 Sanctioned Imperial kilometres between them to ensure that no Ork encampments were missed.

Initial reports had indicated that the Ork activity along these areas were ‘scattered and light’ and that ‘[the] enemy were running low on high end explosives and similar weaponry and should be no match for our Imperial Armour’ and the brave Space Marines of the Blue Falcons had covered more than 25 kilometers in this advance. Their spirits were high, but suddenly their cries of triumph on their vox caster network were interrupted by an automated – and highly mechanical – voice that kept repeating –



Space Marine Captain Ezekiel of the Blue Falcons knew well that he could not stop their flanking manoeuvre in order to rescue their battle brothers. He ordered for all squads on foot to come to the aid of the downed Landraider Sparrow; provided that they were within 3 kilometres from its crash site. But no sooner had the order been given before the whole of the line erupted in frantic reports of massive enemy movement towards the position of Sparrow.

He knew then that this was no mere lucky and stray shot but a true ambush; the marines had to be saved while the flank turned about. Those squads closest to the Sparrow would have to hold the line on their own…

Space Marine Briefing

No sooner had Tech Marine Asbestious finished a localized sweep of the surrounding country side when a flashing light and a shrieking siren alerted him to the presence of a missile inbound. As he flicked the rune for their defenses, the Landeraider rocked and skidded as it exploded. Asbestious near broke his arms trying to keep it level and it finally skidded to a halt.

What in the Emperors name happened!” yelled Sgt. Decidious as he unhinged himself from the transportation cage.

We were hit by what appears to be a super krak missile of local design. Emperor be praised that the engine block stopped it before it penetrated.”

Brother Asbestious turned his attention to the dataslate screen, glancing at the readouts and flicked a few runes. The light dimmed within the mighty steel beast whilst the squad of marines unhinged themselves.

It would appear that the transpolar energy transponder exploded. I require a replacement. Until then, this mightiest of Machines will aid us no further – and Emperor have mercy on us if we do not please the Machine Spirit”

The Sergeant simply nodded as he secured his helmet. His men were alert and at the ready.

Any idea were we could acquire such item?”

The Techmarine flicked another rune and made a slight gesture over the dataslate, before giving it a firm knock with his fist.

It would appear that a local village uses something with a similar energy readout just nearby. Machine spirit be praised; we can rejoin our brothers in this crusade if only it could be acquired. I am transferring the data to your blessed armours now.”

The sergeant nodded once more and turned to attend the ramp opening. Just as he was to press the button, the Techmarine said in a monotone voice.

I would advice caution Brother Sergeant Decidious – it would appear that massive enemy forces are converging on our position. I will pray to the Machine Spirit for aid and lay down as much fire as I can. But if we loose all power, we will loose our transmitter. For the Emperor.”

The Sergeant hit the button and the three ramps flew down to the ground with a high pitched whine of hydraulics and scattered shots of lasguns flared into their midst. As one, the brethren cleared the vehicle and called for the Emperor!


1 – Secure the transpolar energy transponder from the local village and bring it back to the Sparrow

2 – Hold off enemy forces while Brother Techmarine Asbestious attempts repairs

3 – Hold position until main force arrives.


Commanding Officer

Sergeant Decidious.

Plasma Pistol, Power Sword.

Devastator Squad Alpha, 1st Section

Brother Squad Leader Betarius

Bolter, Auspex.

Brother Jericho, Brother Leroy

Bolter, Frag Grenades

Brother Mason


Devastator Squad, 2nd Section

Brother Squad Leader Tetaron

Bolt Pistol, Chainsword.

Brother Kerrin, Brother Nadeen

Heavy Bolters

Devastator Squad, 3rd Section

Brother Squad Leader Omegari

Bolter, Shotgun.

Brother Kharak, Brother Gauld


Brother Metodius

Heavy Plasma Cannon, Bolt Pistol.

Njarlstat 115th Briefing

Trooper Teb closed his eyes seconds before the shot and thought back on the events that had transpired up until this point where he had just pulled the trigger of a missile launcher to attack the Space Marines. He had never agreed upon this as far as he could recall.

When he had lost his brother and sister to stray artillery in his village, he had sworn a bloodoath – common among his people – to avenge their deaths by any means necessary. And when the Imperial Guard marched through and ‘evacuated’ his maiden home, he had found himself at odds of being part of the imperial worlds and hoped for something better.

So when he heard of the call for all those who had lost their families lives in this bloodshed; looking for a way to bring peace back to Asgaardia, he seized the opportunity before even considering the full outcome of it all.

He had marched the marches of the oppressed, and he had rallied at the protests against imperial rule, and he had taken up arms to kill those who they saw as the true trouble makers; the Imperium!

And now, as the missile was in flight against the blue-grey massive tank, he began to doubt the idea of rebellion. It was one thing to kill your fellow man – that was only natural – but to kill these Space Marines was an entirely other matter. And as he thought to amend this, the missile connected with the tank and exploded, showering him with debris.

Good job, young one, you will do your ancestors proud in the halls of the Golden Throne!” the Elder one roared as he gave him a firm, reassuring slap on his back. The Elder one raised his fist and gave the signal to open fire.

Teb was still in the grips of panic as he saw their forms appear from within the steel beast – they were like gods; striding out of their battle fortress, yelling a highgothic war cry and fired their weapons in trained and controlled bursts. Natural instinct got the better of him, and Teb began to fire…


1 – Draw the Space Marines to the small village nearby with the transmitter on Imperial Frequency.

2 – Once the time is right (They are in the village), launch the pincer move from the right and hopefully unprotected flank.(Insert Reserves)

3 – Gain control of the Land raider by all means necessary; if not blow it up.

4 – Once substansial losses have been sustained, retreat in order to give time for the allied battlewagons to move across the plains.


Commanding Officer

Elder Tzar Nicolas Jollian

1st Kampfgruppe (10+1d6)

Plasmagun, Missile Launcher (Teb)

2nd Kampfgruppe (8+2d3)


3rd Kampfgruppe (8+2d3)

Flamer, Grenade Launcher


88th & 91st Jägers

Storm Troopers with Hellguns.

4 Blinds


If you would dare to take valuable resources from our allies, then it is possible to call upon reinforcements. However, in doing so you will endanger the overall strategy and maybe we will loose this important battle because you squandered the personnel on this distraction move. You have been warned!

If you want, you may add a reinforcement chit card for your side. Once you have gathered 4 of these, you may add a 4th Kampfgruppe (8+2d3) armed with:

1-2 : Flamer

3-4: Plasmagun

5-6: Meltagun


Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

1st Kampfgruppe

2nd Kampfgruppe

3rd Kampfgruppe

4th Kampfgruppe

88th Jägers

91st Jägers


Special Cards:

Out of Ammo; next card reveals who runs out. SM on 6+, RG on 5+

Reinforcement Chit; Add 1 chit to your Reinforcement pool.

The RG will need 4 of these to gain reinforcements, the SM will first need 10, then 4. See later for what reinforcement appears.

Rapid Fire; SM. All space marines armed with bolters may fire once more when this card is revealed.

Strike from the Shadows; A single RG may move 2d6” in any direction; as they relocate more easily than the Space Marines.

Sniper! A single RG snipes at the enemy. Randomly determine which one. Works as a needlerifle.

Interference: The RG may now move the objective 1d6” in a random direction.

SM Reinforcements

1st wave consists of a small bike squadron

2nd wave consists of an assault squad on foot

3rd wave consists of 1d3 Landraiders and their assorted troops, terminators coming in etc.

RG Reinforcements

Primarily Kampfgruppe, but roll a secret d6. On a 4-5 there’s and autcanon. On a 6 theres a hell hound!

Our second scenario in the Asgaard IV campaing was “Land Raider Down” by Torben Kastbjerg of Ares Games fame.

An overview of the tabletop. Our land raider had been shot with an RPG and some part of the engine had malfunctioned. We had to go into town where the Techmarine had located a similar part and get it.
In all we were 12 marines – a devastator squad. Jens’s men were first out of the vehicle’s front ramp.

Right next to the crash site the rebels were hiding in a bush. Apparantly lacking motivation to stay alive they did not flee when the marines emerged from the depths of the Land Raider.

Jens’s brothers went over to the rebel squad and slaughtered most of them.

Three did start running by two of my heavy bolter guys soon got the better of them.

Somehow the rebels managed to ambush another part of the squad and shot dead THREE marines! This was totally unheard of and the marines were now fuelled by rightous fury. We knew that reinforcements were coming soon so we stayed put and shot up the rebels.

Two bikes and an attack bike arrived and made life hell for the rebel scum. A rebel squad tried to sneak into what they thought was an abandoned land raider. One of the bikes stopped outside and the marine riding got off and went into the raider too. He shut the ramp and shut off the lights. The rebels had the rest of their life to find their way out in the dark or fail to do so.

We got closer to the city and the bikes raced through. There was little resistance to be found and apparent rebel reinforcements had started fleeing at the realisation that marines were coming.

Final shot of the game. One bike has made it to the other side of the town and the objective is as good as taken.


  1. Awww, im really sorry to see that Evil Photobucket did not want to host the images for the writeup. Good stuff, tho. It was almost like being there myself!


  2. Awww, im really sorry to see that Evil Photobucket did not want to host the images for the writeup. Good stuff, tho. It was almost like being there myself!


  3. Yes indeed they are my young apprentice. I see you have constructed your own light-schwartz! Jens I am your father! It is your destiny. Together we shall rule the gaylaxy as father and son!So when is anyone but me gonna blog in here?


  4. Yes indeed they are my young apprentice. I see you have constructed your own light-schwartz! Jens I am your father! It is your destiny. Together we shall rule the gaylaxy as father and son!So when is anyone but me gonna blog in here?



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