Showdown in Røvede

Battlereport by Ezekiel

The big opening show for our 5th gaming weekend this time was a scenario not unlike a horrormovie from the 50’s

NUUB Briefing
National UFO Undercover Bureau
Sit.Rep. #24080.22:7:2056, Herning:
We have located alien activity at the Cheese Therapy shop in the small town of Røvede in mid Jutland. You, Agent Neon, will be teaming up with Agent Pink to asses the situation and recommend further actions.
Get as much hard evidense as possible and get any aliens or tissue to the base.
It is imperative that you do not alert the citizens or the inbound National Guard to any alien activity, they must be kept in the dark, deal with any witnesses according to rule # 144 section 12.
You have 3 SCUM (Standard Cybernetic Urban Machinewarrior) that will arrive 4 turns after your request and 2 Tactical Nukes that hit 3 turns after your request.

NUUB Forces:
2 NUUB Agents
2 SCUMs with Tesla Claws and 1 with a .50 machinegun waiting in a chopper nearby
2 Tactical Nukes

National Guard Briefing
The world is coming apart, bad acting and even worse music is ruining more than one generation, luckely the goverment is taking action!
The glorious National Guard has been dispatched to the rotten town of Røvede in mid Jutland. Your job is to instruct and punish the citizens in their daily lives from adultry to tax evasion.
You lead a bunch of hardcore weekend warriors, that knows about weapons, tactics and diciplin, tho they seldom put that knowledge to use.
Lately more and more citizens are acting strange, they don’t show enthusiasm at the mandatory town activities and some don’t show up at all.
Attempting to get to the bottom of this, you march into town.

National Guard Forces:
1 Leader
3 x 10 man Squads

align=”left”>Spider Briefing:

Srzrzrz scseezrhschsszr rzrszkkszr srrzrs zhhzs drhzr shzszh zhs z shrzhrsh z zhsr hzhssrsrsrsz zzzhshh shs Skreskzxkk Røvede serkkxsxskffkx vsekrkh hsks skxzz kzezszszk keersrzrsxheh rehslke…Serkkffek ss sxxekere… Xsererkekeks sxskekez ezekkre ezerkk… Røvede sexkeskerr… Sxszerelekk Cheese Therapi zserekskseeesrez serzk seerrezshek eese szzer.

Spider Forces:
15 Spiders with the ability to turn humans into zombies

Bug Eyed Martians Briefing:
Maab mab mab mabmab Røvede Stationsby. Maamamamaba. Mabmabmab maamamab. Mababamaab mab mab. Mab mabmab mabmabmabmab. MAB!

Røvede mabmab. Mabmamabmab. Maamamamab mab mab mab. MA mab MAB! MABMABMAB! RØVEDE MAB!



NUUB Agents Neon and Pink sneaks in undetected from the north.

… And so does the creepy crawlies from the south.

The National Guard Squads ‘N10′,’S17′,’E03’ enters from the east oblivious to anything but women and their ‘water’ canteens.

A small accident on the road draws the attention of the National Guard Squad ‘S17’, taking them a bit too close to the emerging spiders and two strange cocoons. Thinking more of booze when they left the base, Squad ‘S17’ quickly runs out of ammo and is powerless to stop the Spiders from taking lives and making zombies.

The National Guard Squad ‘N10’ sees something being shot in the northern edge of the town, but have no idea that Agent Neon and Agent Pink had their first alien encounter. Wich fortunately didn’t last long, fortunately for the National Guard that is; being a witness to aliens isn’t really a good thing with NUUB Agents around.

The remains of the Squad ‘S17’ and a few citizens turned zombies head for the center of town.
NUUB Agents have located the alien activity in Therapy Cheese, friendly this time, so they start getting them out of town, but get spotted by Squad ‘N10’.
As the Agents open fire on the Squad the Aliens join in and tho bugeyed as they are, they tear thru the National Guard as a sledgehammer thru an egg.

Squad ‘E03’ opens fire at the emerging zombies, but once again ammo is in short supply. Running into the nearest house they are quickly overrun by the zombies again.

As the National Guard and the zombies wrecks the interior of the house, spiders jumps thru the windows, tho repelled on their first attempt the spiders sweeps up the last standing members of the National Guard.

SCUMs are dropped into the growing zombie mob, they are no match for the zombies and spiders, but do manage to keep them nicely packed together long enough for the NUUB Agency to deliver their Tactical Nuke, eredicating the last of the former citizens and spiders


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