Molotrop Armoured Infantry

Every half year I turn my eyes on my Imperial Guard regiment. It’s meant to hail from the planet Molotrop in the Nasox sector. So far I haven’t been really sure on how to paint them but in the end I just chose a palette and started painting.

Actually the whole thing is one big gimmick.. The name is derived from (obviously to most people) Molotov and Ribbentrop… the forgers of the Third Reich and Russia pact during world war two.

Games Workshops logo is a combination of imagery used both by russians and germans during WW2 and that was my inspiration.

The palette was also chosen with this in mind, so I’ve used a “german uniform” colour for the armour.. this is not the colour that the germans used for their armour but I wanted to use a green as the russians did and when I noticed I had one with that name I took it immidiatly.
The chimeras and infantry were inspired by the SS corps of the germans.


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