Today I got around to skinning the rest of me guard models. I’ve been buying stuff here and there on the web for a long time and they’ve all had rather miserable paintjobs… luckily that’s nothing acetone can’t help with.

Yesterday I had two games of Epic Armageddon at the local games club. First game was with Henrik who hadn’t really played the game before.
I lend him a 3000 pts ork force and took a 3000 pts Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legions force myself. My army was based on a reaver and a warlord and knights for the rest of the points.

Unfortunantly it didn’t really seem to catch him as I had hoped. The AMTL probaly should have half the credit for this and I the other half… My army simply wasn’t working and he was able to run it all over and win without any trouble. I think he concluded that the same happened last time he played, and that’s just too bad I guess. I’m not really good at explaining and the game is not really easy to show to newcomers if they haven’t read the rules I think. Oh well.

Second game was against Mads who’s also a newcomer to epic. He borrowed a SM force and played against an ork force composed mainly of warbands. I think it was a good game and it ended 3-2 in my favor.. However I’m a bit unsure as to what my opponent thought of it. Appearently he was neither dismissive or thoroughly enjoyed. I think I gotta work on my educational skills. Or make up an easy go scenario to introduce the game. Prices, availability and detail is not really working with right now.


  1. That the game was fastpaced and over rather quickly is not a disadvantage in my opinion. I like simple and fastpaced games. It was a bit frustrating that I didn\’t know what neither my nor your troops were capable of. But that can fortunately be rectified by reading the rules and armylists before our next game. So you will get a chance to vindicate yourself at some time.


  2. Hehe that\’s great!But in the rear view mirror taking an experimental unfinished armylist probably wasn\’t really wise of me..But I\’m happy that you\’re ready to take a second go!



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