Warmaster Undead

I recently bought the rest of what I needed to make a 2000 pts (and then some) warmaster undead army… while I was at it I grabbed a 2000 pts chaos army too.

I totally don’t get the way undead are painted so I chose to make them all ghosts or illussions or whatever instead. I’m thinking that I’ll use some normal wizards as characters and call the army an “illussionist army” – suitably tied with the old Warhammer Fantasy Role Play.

I always liked fantasy, but lately I’ve realised that WFB is an absolutely astonishingly crappy game! I’ve realised that the chaos marauder army that I’ve spent time and a lot of money to collect is completely useless as A) it has no magic and B) It has no shooting… Appearently in the WFB world these elements cannot be evaded or you will be squared by anything you meet.

Not really the old dark and sinister fantasy world that I used to like. Actually reminds me of D&D or something. Everythings BLUE AND FILLED WITH MAGIC!

Oh well…

Not much else to report. Epic is finally getting somewhere in these parts now.. only a couple of years too late. Seems like GW is letting it go,.. but they not really making anything now either so any halt in production will probably be indifferent and unfelt. Got to love ebay.

Been trying out Warmachine and Confrontation too… both fantasy skirmish games. Confrontation was a bit of a letdown. But the new version of the rules promises to do something about some of the weird stuff. Perhaps they’ll even be written in readable English!

Warmachine was ok. Nothing revolutionary. The mechanics for turn and movement set it somewhere between 40k and epic. It’s 28mm and the minis are quite good looking.
My main problem is probably that none of the available factions realy TRULY appeal to me. There isn’t a sinister pesky circus horde army like Midnor dwarves or Orks.


  1. Warmachine is a bit unique in that you can create some devastating combos using the Warcaster spell and feats and the other abilities of the units under your command.


  2. That\’s true. Some of the people who showed the game to me even compared it to Magic The Gathering. But I guess I need to play some more before I can say anything really. The game I had was with Cryx against Cygnar. No matter what you did it seemed very absolute.. everything seemed to take out big chunks when it hit. That was kind of fulfilling hehe!



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