Operation Overlord

Some days ago I bought some Italeri 1/72 minis. I bought because I want to play a game called Operation Overlord. This game should be a good split between “historism” and action. In other words it’s not a ridicolous attempt to hollywoodize WW2 and it hasn’t got as limited a gameplay as other games.

Personally I don’t care much for too much realism.. come on – we’re playing miniature games! And when I think “World War 2” I want loads of troops and tanks battling it out over the green fiels of normandy. Such battles might never have taken place, but part of historic wargaming is also to think “what if?”. And so loads of tanks and infantry is a big “what if!” to me :D.

I actually think the detail on these is quite amazing!

The minis are en soft plastic. Well ok not that soft, but still – softer than you’re average GW figurine. This means that some drastic measures are needed for painting. Luckily the internet is full of great ideas as how to cope with the problem of paint coming off.
At 5£ for 50 soldiers I’m willing to go a lenght to figure out how to make it work.

First thing I heard was that I needed to wash them.. well – jobs done!

Secondly I was told that I should simply paint them directly with acrylic black. I tried that with Vallejo colours… didn’t work!

Next I heard that I should paint the with dilluted white glue.. so that’s the next step! And after that they’ll get some chaos black! That’s two coats of white glue by the way!

I sure hope it’ll work!


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