Total Weekend

This weekend has been total urban war.. nothing more to it! I’ve been playing at least a game every day and friday saw me playing two games against Torben from Billund who was momentarily in town to see some jazz.

First we played the King of The Hill scenario (I think) and then later on we did a deathmatch 50%. In the last game I used 6 militias using the rules from issue 3. This proved to be quite a task to workout, but in the end, when we finally got to the playing part, it was relatively easy to just look them up on the piece of paper that I’d written for them. Each militia had a number on his base for reference.

Torben played a nicely painted viridian army and I used my VASA regulars.

However – yesterday the rest of my ebaydeals came rolling in… that was 15 marines, 13 assault marines and a lot of other goodies. I tried playing with two HMG’s, 6 marines and a sniper against MadsWolle’s viridians.. interesting game – only not! I was so lucky with everything I did that it almost didn’t make sense!
My sniper was the man of the match as I rolled three 10’s in a row when trying to shoot a shock marine at extreme range.. and the marine failed his save! Smashing!
The same sniper went on to shoot another shocker and one of my colonials shot an interdict.. the game was a “Crashed Shuttle” not that it mattered much anyway! hehe!

Today we’re probably going to try a game written by Torben, don’t recall the name but it’s supposed to be fantasy UW or just plain fantasy skirmish. I’ve been wanting to use my fantasy miniatures for a long time but I think the Games Workshop fantasy is rather boring so I don’t really play it alot.

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