The Goffish

Yes here we are – the show goes on!

At some point in my life I’d probably have found the life of a junkie to be an interestingand alternative lifestyle – one reserved for rich musicians and the “live fast die young” kind of thing.

First I declare that I will never again touch upon GW property.. the next minute I’m fiddling with some Ork ships!

I’m an addict!

And never in my life would I have thought that the addictive drug would be small odd looking metalminiatures and not some strange wonderpills causing all kinds of colours!

Well but anyway – here I am.. unemployed, stuck on the country with no money for food or evenmoney to buy a busticket to town so that I could go see some people.. the bank knows my homenumber by heart and the rent for december is giving me grey hairs!

But as they say: the show must go on – so now I’ve painted up enough Gothic miniatures to battlesome 1000 pts battle tomorrow at my local gaming hall. Great!

The miniatures are borrowed from some geezer who alledgedly wanted to sell them to me, but asI have no cash at all I’ll have to wait until I get some of those shiney silver coins again!

Well – the picture speaks for itself.. took two hours to convert and to paint. I’m quitehappy and think that Gothic models are satisfactory to paint as they almost do the job by themselves

Life is funny in a blown up kind of way.


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