Warrior Weekend and New buns in the oven!

It has been an exciting weekend with lots of gaming!

Firstly I played Mikkel’s Slaanesh Gothic Fleet and beat the living crap out of him with my orks!! Hahaha.. well anyway – I thought it was a fun game and it was totally decided by my lucky dice rolls and Mikkel completely selective memory of his own ships abilities!

Secondly I played my new arch enemy nr. 1: Spicker!

This time we did some playtesting for the Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legions list.

Spicker would command the Adeptus while I would try to overrun him with my psychopatic speed freaks!!!

We played two games… I won the first 2-0 and lost the second 0-3! So appantly the armies were quite good matched. I did have a lot of good dice rolls in the first game.. at least for my saves – my shooting was miserable in both games.. but after all the shooting’s just meant to lay of some BM’s until you get into engage distance! Having 15 activations was a lot of fun!

Memo to myself: Never engage warlord titans in closecombat!

Finally here’s the thing I’ll be throwing myself at: more squiggoths! I thought it was finally time I did something about the paintjob of these beast.. although I do like that silvery look!! Hehe!

I’ll be adding lots of bitz and gubbinz to the two big ‘unz so they’ll get the proper weapons displayed and match the Orkeosaurus profile.


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