In the dark future of the 41st.milllenium there is only GW

Jervis Johnson posted a thread on the Epic Specialist Games Forum that Fanatic would undergo a certain developement to reorganize things…

This developement will result in fewer new miniatures, more web support, no fanatic magazine and less people working for fanatic.

Although the post is written as positive as can be,.. I think the message is clear: Specialíst Games are going to get a beating..

It’s also interesting to note that production manager Tom Merrigan didn’t know of this and neither did coming miniatures sculptor Paul Townsend alias Tuffskull.. In fact Townsend states that he has been asked to put some sculpts he were to present next month on hold.

Why? It’s such an elegant word… WHY!

Who the heck would want more websupport? Who wants their fanatic magazine to be an online thing only? WHO THE FUCK WANTS LESS MODELS AND MORE WEB SUPPORT?!

But as usual the fans are kept in the dark – we know not why, when or how things are going to change. We only know that bad news is headed our way.

I very much disagree with the way GW goes about doing their buisness and I find it to be irritating that they treat the fans of their games as a pile of sheep. We CAN handle the real story you know!

Having spend a lot of time and money (but thanksfully all to ebay – none to GW!) on Epic I find it very very saddening that we’re about to get into a new dark age of 6mm..

I’m now seriously considering getting out of the whole GW world, as I’m tired to death of their propostrous ways!


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