Tooth and more claw!

I just thought I’d bring an update to my nids… I’ve more or less painted these.. I’m at a total toss between a wash of blue over the back or not… I drank a bit of whiskey (Grants – cheap stuff!!!) before painting, so I’ll see what it looks like tomorrow!

Well I’m taking it swarm by swarm!!! The list I’ve decided on is here:

Synapses and Independants:

1 x Hive tyrant = 250 pts

1 x Harridan = 250 pts

3 x Synapse Node = 150 pts

1 x Hierophant = 300 pts

3 x Genestealers = 300 pts

Supports Broods: 675 pts

4 x biovore

3 x Expectorator

4 x Lictors

1 x Zoanthrope (AA for bio/ex swarm)


17 x Gargoyles

29 x Gaunts


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