No milk today!

Yeah true!!! I haven’t posted any new paintjobs today but I have actually been working on stuff. The nids from tooth and claw are coming together nice and easy only thing is that I’ve forgotten how to paint the scheme.. so the cohenrency between the units in the army will be rather disturbed!

But hey – I normally take a stiff whiskey and some coffee just before painting so I guess it’s understandable if my mind has deterierated!!!

Although it’s got nothing to do with painting I’ve actually been quite happy on ebay the last few days… actually a little TOO happy – when I looked up my list I had over bids on and I haven’t got a brass penny left, so that’s bad!

And further more the Ebay got me thinking just exactly how many projects I’m in the middle of.

Let me elabrorate:

Epic Armies – X marks that 2700 pts has been finished, so that an entire army is painted:

X Space Marines- my own chapter: The Emperors Grandeur! I’ve never been a beakie and I never will be.. so this chapter is every thing you make fun of if you’re not a beakie! Arrogant, selfrighteous, smug, conceited… all the things laughs are made of! My Grand Master will probably be Basil Fawlty!

X Orks – A nice blended Bad Moons, Death Skullz, Snake Bites, Evil Sunz and Goffs army!

Feral Orks – lots of nice models… not so much nice paint though! I’ll be getting back to those.. I kind of put them on hold when the playtest was over. Got into Epic A a little too late to have any impact on the list.. which I regret a bit.. but hey: who knew!

Tyranids – I haven’t got a concept for these yet as I’m not really into the tyranid fluff. I’m going to paint them red skin and black carapace with white sharks teeth.

Imperial Guard – Oh my god – I haven’t posted any pictures of my guard yet!! Shame on me! I actually kind of like them myself.. They wear black leather trenchcoats and silver steel helmets! And a red band across the arm! My source of inspiration is a well guarded secret.. ahem!

Chaos – Well I can’t really say that I have that much.. Mostly I’m just converting things to be chaos.. I play the Black Legion in 40k and I’ll be doing it in Epic too! Abaddon is simply the coolest character out there! My partner in epic crimes Mikkel has a lot of Chaos that I borrowed when I played the game described longer down.

Warhammer 40.000K – X indicates 1500 pts painted

Lost and the Damned – a slaaneshi cult… I painted up the entire army and then stripped the marines later on.. I was just never happy with the colour scheme.. so now it’s just parked in a closet!

Black Legion – I’ve had this army for ages.. First it was all purple and colourful.. then I decided that although slaanesh had some great appeals, I’d rather go with the real feel of the Chaos Space Marines which I felt was only truly displayed in the Black Legion. Although it’s one of the most paintwise boring armies I have it’s actually one of those I love the most.. hehe! They’re painted exactly as suggested in codex CSM with a lot of conversions here and there.

Orks Snakebites/Ferals – Well you see.. this ork army hasn’t really found it’s codex yet. My theme is that it’s an Orkwizition.. a large warband spreading the word of gork and mork on all planets they come by, making wild boyz suddenly realize what they are! But as orks have a bit of a rubbish codex at the moment I’m swapping through the lists using a new everytime I make an army.. as an example I used the Speed Freakes list for my Snake Bites Explowatory Warband.. a bunch of orks on wheelz racing around the planet looking for good spots to land the orkwizition!

Space Marines – The Emperors Grandeur again.. I’ve made 1 marine and glued a lot together.. all in all I have a lot of marines but no vehicles but a dreadnought.

Dark Eldar – The Kabal of the Spitting Veins! I’ve just started this project and the army is coming together quite nicely… I’m exchanging all of the Dark Eldar heads with Dark Elf ones.. just because I can.. no really – I think the original heads reminds me more of modern art than scary raiders from the future.. And the dark elf ones can be painted to look like leather masks, tying in nicely with the S/M feel of the D.E.

I’ve only got an Archon, 2 Sybarites, 2 Succubus, 26 warriors and 1 scourge, so it’s hardly an army yet!

X Necrons – My dear sweet first army – evil incarnate!!! I’m sticking with the old minis converting new things like destroyers and stuff in a jiffy! Not much to say – boltgun metal rules!


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