New Mini and A Giantic Battle!

My sister had her first miniature ever this weekend.. so I didn’t really get all the things done that I had planned!

But anyway – this sunday we did play a giantic mega battle involving 5 armies and 6700 pts on each side!!! Three of the players had never played before so of course it took forever to complete each turn. We only really got through two turns before we had to call it off as half of the “Imperial Side” had to head home.

The armies involved were in fact:

The Dark Alliance:

2000 pts Chaos Space Marines

2000 pts Tyranids

2700 pts Traitor Guards

The Imperial Will:

4000 pts Space Marines

2700 pts Imperial Guard!

We played on a 8’x8′ table so of course the shooting was in the front seat most of the time!!! But my Tyranids actually made into CC eating up 8 leman russ tanks!!!

The Expectorator and biovore combo is an evil and nasty one!!! Disrupt and nids who dont get blastmarkers is worthwhile! However I’m confident that I would have been completely removed from the surface of the planet, as I only survived because there where so many other good targets!!

We’ve planned to take on some more action next weekend in the form of regular games. This tuesday my Minister of Terraforming and Geoconsultance and I will have a sitdown and do some terrain features for the tournement in march next year.

We’ve decided on the following tables: Orky Desert, Demon World, Agriculture World, Ruined City, perhaps Tau World, Tech World…


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