2021 November gaming log

So here we are, and it is another month over. I managed to get 4 games of Warhammer Renaissance in this month, which again, is well over my usual. Of course, 3 of them were at the Warhammer Renaissance Bring&Battle day that I arranged.

I am not going to detail that again, but instead here’s a linked to the post with the run down of the Bring&Battle: https://c0wabunga.com/2021/11/16/warhammer-renaissance-bringbattle-i/

After the event Jonas asked me if I wanted to game, and of course! Yes! We decided to play 1,500 points of WR at Jonas’ place. His Dwarfs were well boosted to beat my Orcs, but I think it was just as much a question of the dice rolls. I wasn’t terribly lucky with my assaults to say the least. On the other hand, my accidentally forgot that the bolt throwers save modifier goes down each rank, as well as its strength, so that cost a few extra Ironbreakers. In the end I lost the battle because I didn’t have enough scoring units, and I couldn’t win any decisive combat rounds. My boar boyz were caught in a pillowfight the whole game, and neither the Savage Orcs nor the Forest Goblins managed to dent their opposition. As usual, my Giant did cause a bit of panic, but it was not game changing.

It started well, banners flying and horns tooting.
And ended in the usual running and screaming fashion.


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