40k2ndACIII – Meet the participants!

It is that time of year again, where I invite a select few hobbyists to join me in a paint-staking journey to complete a painted 1000 points of 2nd edition Warhammer 40,000 figures!

It is always a pleasure for me to do this, and I think, as this is the third time, it is probably something I will continue doing for some time yet.

It wasn’t without problems this time, as the challenge has grown in popularity and attention. More people have signed up and I simply couldn’t manage to get everyone in this time. It is a tough call, I just hope people will understand that this is the way it must be. After all, this is more akin to “a tale of 24 gamers” than just a random thing on facebook.

Anyway, I digress. This year there are 12 “veterans” who have earned their seat by completing an earlier challenge, and then there are 12 “new kids on the block” that are in the challenge because they applied and were selected.

You can see the rules for the challenge here.


  1. Excellent – really looking forward to seeing everyone’s work this time.
    For your tyranids, personally I would go for round bases as I think they look better – but I am not really a purist for those sort of details (I know some people insist on only square bases to keep it “old school”).


  2. I failed miserably in the previous competition, only surviving for half of it. That’s why I didn’t apply for it this time; I was not worthy. However, I’d love to use this opportunity to try to redeem myself and finish my previous army. Do you think that there’s a chat were I could participate? Even if I don’t officially take part in the competition. If the answer is “no”, I understand! But I had to try. 😉
    Good luck to all participants!


    • Haha you’re much too hard on yourself. The group chat is ‘members only’, as it otherwise gets too unwieldy. But there’s a discord server called crown of command which has a thread about the challenge, and you’re more than welcome to sympathise on facebook too.

      If you get inspired to join in the future, by all means do it!


      • I understand. 🙂 I’ll keep an eye on the discord, since I like that much more than FB. Let’s hope I can muster the courage to try again in your next calling!



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