40k 2nd ArmyChallenge Season 2 launched!

Que *Fireworks* *thunder* *lightning*! We have arrived at the Carnival of Chaos Season II. I have been rumaging through my email inbox the last couple of days to compile the list of ‘lucky’ individuals who are part of this crazy train to hell and back again.

Without further ado here’s the links to the pitches:

And here’s the further ado:

Because of my ever growing optimism, I have included TWO DOZEN participants this time (including my self – I gotta get some privileges for this… right?). Logistically, this means that I have had to break everything up in twos. So each round will have a Wave 1 and a Wave 2. The waves will be composed of the people in the order I receive their entries, so wave 1 for instance will have a different composition each time (I think! By random flux it is possible that the order will be exactly identical each round… however I view this as unlikely!)

This Season seems to be a bit all over with regards to the armies involved. Again the Tyranids are a no-show, but alas. The Imperials are, as expected, heavily represented but the Orks and the Eldar are doing alright too!

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