Introducing Street Fighter 40k

Normally things here on c0wabunga are dead serious, but I thought I would try for something considerably more light hearted!

Back in the 90s we occasionally pitted various special characters against each other to see who would win in a one on one scuffle. I have taken this idea and branched it out a bit, including standard troopers from 2nd ed. 40k. Basically, Street Fighter 40,000 will be a recurring feature here on my blog where two models dug it out in a mini “battle report”. Occasionally, I might have guests controlling either or both sides.

Here, a field of 16 low level characters will duke it out in a tournament, taking place on Melnibonea, which is dubbed “Street Fighter 40k”.  

The tournament will have a knock out format, meaning that the loser of each fight is out of the tournament. The fights will be small skirmish one on one battle reports.  The contestants will start 12’’ apart and are allowed to use any equipment which they carry. The first model to score a wound on the opponent wins.

So without further ado, please allow me to introduce the field of Street Fighter 40k – from the murky streets all over Pantangya, Melnibonea, and Kardashian Prime and their projected placements in the tournament:

The servitors have randomly assigned the opponents for the first round and the round tree is depicted below. As you can see there are a lot of interesting match ups in the first round. The arch enemies of Tronald Dump and Clittory Hilton for instance, promises to be a fight worth watching. The fight between DAV-3 and Nauseous Maximus is also interesting as they are both top picks to win the tournament. Trooper Dale and Dingbat are scrapping for the ditch, as they have both been projected to a lose it all. David Goliath versus Kapten Krunch could go either way, depending on the jump pack of the good Kapten. If Diego von Schmeisser can avoid getting to close to Lifeform Xrwwrh he probably stands a good chance in that fight too.

The first fights are scheduled this Friday so stay tuned!



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