Warhammer Fantasy 4th edition: Dark Omens Part II

So after a brief pause here on the blog I am now ready to present Dark Omens part II!

It is a strong mix of hark-back nostalgia, retroism, digital enabling, and unwise spending of time. If you can’t quite grasp the motivation you have my fullest understanding. I do hope you will enjoy reading it.

And of course a big thanks to Jonas of https://deathworldadventures.blogspot.com for participating in this with his awesome Dwarf army. I couldn’t have done anything without him.

There’s a PDF file available here too:


  1. Smashing stuff! Those fourth/fifth edition games where someone draws Drain Magic or Total Power again and again are classics (although I always prefer to work through the deck before reshuffling, ’cause it can get a bit samey if the card KEEPS coming up).

    I always had the same thoughts about Mummies. They make great artillery guards, but they’re much too expensive for a role like that, and much too slow to do anything else with. The Mummy Hero was always solid though, good candidate for dragon or chariot duty I’m sure.

    If I’d been playing the Dwarfs (after being sucked into some hellish alternate dimension, or perhaps a body-swapping incident) I might have gone for a “boys before toys” approach on this one. The Gromril Rune and Master Rune of Valaya were nice trolling touches but it might have been more advisable to have that big Ironbreaker unit cause Fear (is there a Rune of Dread or whatever it’s called in fourth?) so it wouldn’t automatically break after a bad round.


    • Thanks so much for your praise!

      We actually DID shuffle the deck, we went through it rather fast… and hence the double Drain Magic was even more of a oddball!

      Yeah, mummies are probably not worth it in the long run, but as you can probably see from these pages, we are not the most competitive of gamers, so odds are they will keep appearing. 😉 Just imagine getting that one game where they actually manage to go the distance and crash into something! Worth it! Totally worth it!

      I must say that Jonas really was in bad shape with the dice – when I realised (not until the duel) that the Dwarf general was wearing gromril armour and had a master rune of death, I thought my vampire was done for. But in essence, the difficult part of army building in a campaign revolving around two armies is to not go down the road of building “anti”-lists. I try to focus on the story, and not be too “ooh this is useless because I will only play against x”. It is hard though. 😀


      • Long may you live! I love the idea of Mummies too and I can’t fault you for trying to make the buggers work (plus I stand by what I said about them as artillery guards: if you really want to keep your Skull Chucker safe I can’t think of any better unit than them to do it).

        Mmm, I suppose I take the point about not wanting to build in a hard counter to your opponent’s entire army in a campaign game… but then, Master Rune of Valaya much? 😉 Just give the fear-causing Ironbreakers a try. Once. For me.

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