Dark Omens: Warhammer 4th edition battle report

A night of horrible thunder and rain was suddenly torn asunder by a blaze in the northern sky. The mountains rung with echoes of the impact as Morrslieb’s child fell to the world.

-Alhamrahad the Wise, undated notes

IN the foothills North of Praag lies the small village of Plattdorf. Besides a few houses and a derelict observatory, from back when the Tzar fancied star gazing, the village does not have a lot to show for it. Outside Plattdorf the small river Vod runs from the mountains. A bridge close to the village is the only crossing point for miles. Closer yet to the mountains lies a community of Imperial Dwarves. The Dwarven settlement used to be an important way station and hub for the trade between the Empire, Kislev and the Dwarves of Karak a Kazok, but years of famines and plagues have changed this. The Dwarves and Humans still get along very well, and ultimately live in peaceful co-existence, mainly going about their business completely oblivious to the rest of the Old World.

Unbeknownst to the residents of the area a new dark power is brooding in a castle near the mountains. For centuries the Castle Blut has been derelict, but now the vampire Erlic von Bachmann has journeyed to the area and taken the castle for his own. Using the notes of Alhamrahad, Erlic hopes to recover an especially large and enticing piece of Morrslieb that is rumored to have fallen here in the mountains. Employing skeletons as slaves he hopes to dig enough tunnels and mines to be able to attain the ultimate sorcerous power.

Erlic has long lost touch with humanity and has little understand of the ways of human society. He therefore thinks that the plague graveyard near Plattdorf would be a good recruiting ground for new zombies. What he fails to appreciate is the effect that shambling skeleton warriors can have on a local community. Local hunters who have seen the small army of undead approaching the grave yard, have run to the village and rung the bells, alarming the Dwarves. After brief council the villagers and the dwarves made an agreement to take a stand against the evil.

The scenario

Since it was the first game in a series of games that Jonas (of Death World Adventures) and I was going to play, we decided to start out softly with 1000 pts armies. The scenario seemed straight forward: The undead, lead by Erlic von Bachmann, are approaching the bridge that will ford them over the river on their way to the plague grave yard. Just next to the bridge is a now abandoned watch tower as well as Smidovski’s farm. A hastily assembled dwarf army would try and hold them up for as long as possible while a more significant force was being assembled. The old hermit farmer himself has evacuated the premises, since seeing the Dwarf army. We decided that characters who died in the game would only die in the campaign on a d6 roll of 1. On a 2-5 they would play next game with 1 wound less, and on a 6 they would be fine.

So begins the first 28 mm oldschool c0wabunga battle report! Check it all out below. Available as individual images, PDF (at the end of the document) and when the campaign concludes as a collected tome.


  1. Great Battle Report !

    The mid 90’s White Dwarf feel does show. A pleasant read for sure ! =]

    When do we get the next installment of that campaign ?! =p

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had the same experience with the Screaming Skull Catapult when I brought one to a small sixth edition game. If you only have a few units on the board, one direct hit and forced Panic test can change everything. Same with terror tests really.

    In a lot of ways it’s difficult to build Undead armies for small games as you have such expensive characters and so many ways to break a small army without really trying to.

    The Liche is probably a good idea, although I remember a level 4 wizard also being very very strong in those little games. Are you drawing Necromantic spells at random or going full fifth edition and letting your Undead pick and choose? I ask because it’s possible to go easy on Necromancy and maybe get a better game if you don’t end up with Wind of Death and Hand of Dust at random…


    • Yes, you’re absolutely right about the small forces and Undead – 375 is the cheapest, way too much in 1000 pts. I might suggest allowing lesser characters to lead at this level in the future. That could make sense.

      With regards to the magic – we simply let the Undead choose. That was the way it was meant. We do play with the 5th ed. rules though, so only dispells during the opponents magic phase. I think going full magic in every magic phase will make the game too lopsided… if the banner of Valaya keeps popping up on the other side, I may be changing my mind though. Haha!!


      • That was always a good call in the Vampire Counts list, IMO: a 185 point Count is a much less deforming presence in a small game. Master Necromancers could maybe have a go too?
        Oh god casting off turn was my LEAST favourite thing about fourth, glad you do away with it. Rebound is one thing, but chaining Traitor of Tarn or something across turn after turn..m



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