4th ed. Undead skeleton regiment

Some time ago Jonas from Death World Adventures and I started a small project to paint some Warhammer Fantasy armies. The idea was to make it back and forth between our blogs, meaning that we would present a freshly painted unit roughly every second month. Like many such projects it all stalled after a few months due to various reasons.

However, a recent flurry of enthusiasm has overcome me and my little gaming group and thus, the Undead shall once again rise from their graves. This time we have opted for 4th ed. Warhammer Fantasy, which pleases me mightily as this is were most things miniatures related started for me back a long time ago.

Last time I was painting Undead, I managed to whip out a couple of chariots and 4 skeleton ogres. Now the chariots are still useful, but the ogres have to be relegated to “unit fillers” which is the compendious term describing something based on a larger than usual base in a regiment. The normal point of unit fillers is to break up the monotomy, and ease the job for the painter… however the few times I have made any, they have ended up taking considerably longer time than anything else!

So instead of rebooting “A Tale of Two Gaming Buddies” using a set armylist, and each month/bimonth painting something for that, I will instead approach things more organically. So from now on I will simply total whatever I paint and form a list this way. So from now on, whenever I paint any Undead, I will add them to the tally and include it in the posts… easy!

For this entry I have painted a unit of skeletons – the proverbial backbone of any Undead army worth looking at. This unit will stand 25 strong all in all. This is with the addition of a skeleton ogre. I added a wraith champion to give a bit of a punch. I never actually played a game with a wraith in a unit back then, as I only had one which I always used a unit on its own. But I remember them being fairly good at destroying the living, while not dying (more) themselves. Unlike skeletons, which I recall being pretty useless at almost everything.

The Wahrheit regiment in all its splendour! Led by the fearsome Wraith, Heidrich Schnoller

The whole army will be tied together with the red, the bone and the black. Not very original, probably, but it makes me very happy. I did not go with goblin green bases on these, as I did not feel for it.

The command group. The wraith will see it through, while the musician and the standard bearer probably won’t

The banner is somewhat of an experiment carried over from my Chaos Space Marines. I print the banners first on a laser printer after piecing together interesting stuff from the internet. I then attempt to tie it together with the figures by washing and so on. I think it works reasonably well. I tried to tie the banner in to the strange German used in the Old World Empire, so it reads “Die Wahrheit ist tot” which translates into “the truth is dead”. I guess the thinking is that since these guys are also dead, they must be the truth.

Unique shield designs can seem like a good idea at times… however the reader should be advised that it is instrumental to sucess that you place the shields in a fashion so that they become clearly visible once ranked up!

I couldn’t really settle on a shield design so in the end I opted to paint multiple unique shields for the skellies. I don’t know how we’re supposed to imagine skeletons shield designs to arise. Perhaps the bored necromancer sits around trying his hand a shield painting between battles? Maybe he lets the wights or other semi-sentient champions do it for him? Anyway, after painting them and ranking up the figures I recalled why it is that painting nice shields in fantasy is such a moot point… they were indistinguishable in the regiment! Oh joy!

Lastly I have, long ago, purchased some movement trays. I mistakenly thought they were from warbases at first, but it turns out that they were actually from Terrain Warehouse. The company seems to still exists under the name Battle Zone and I highly recommend these trays.

This here movement tray is made from resin and greatly facilitates the moving about of miniatures in a battle of Warhammer.

Thanks so much for reading my blog, and if you have any comments and or quiestions, don’t hesitate to throw a comment my way.


  1. Cool stuff! The shields are great. Seeing the yin-yang on a skeleton’s shield cracks me up.
    I came here from your LAF thread – so I guess you never got around to playing the Lichemaster campaign?


  2. […] 4th ed. Undead skeleton regiment @ Cowabunga– Ah, classic Warhammer miniatures. There’s no question that Games Workshop is really on top of their game and continues to produce better and better miniatures. That said, their old stuff was bursting with personality, and that’s what you see in this classic Skeleton regiment. I love the work that the author did on the shields! […]

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  3. That is a really, really nice flag. I also second Subedai regarding the shields. You may not be able to pick out individual ones but they give an overall impression of colourful mayhem to the unit. I forget what big brain genius said this but WFB models have three chances to impress: by themselves, in a unit, or in an army. These shields function at unit level even if, as individuals, they get a bit lost. Good stuff.



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