VOID 1.1 Koralon – Araktons

This week I am taking a departure from the world of 2nd edition Warhammer 40,000. It is not a very big departure though, as it is into VOID 1.1. This game was* around back in the end of the 90s and the style is not entirely alien to that of other games at the time, like Warzone and 40k.

I never played or even bought a figure back then… back very soon after (in June 2005) I did start Urban War which was actually my gateway to the world of VOID. We had quite a few games back then and but then it all slowly withered. Some of the ‘collateral’ from this adventure was that I ebayed quite a few Viridian miniatures… and I eventually never used them for anything. It is funny going back and seeing that my blog has become cyclic.

It did get me introduced to a guy called Torben, whom I have been playing with ever since. Over the years Torben has been a steady influence for games I never thought I would play. He has written quite a few rules sets himself, amongst them Fireteam Andromeda. Check them out if you’re into 15 mm large scale skirmishes.

*Interestingly, I have discovered that VOID is actually still alive and well. Now in the hands of Seb Games. There is a facebook group “The VOID nexus” and of course one for the Seb Games too. The guy behind it kindly offered to replace my missing figure from the starter pack, but I think I would rather show support and buy it instead. I will contact him about some other missing parts for my broodmaster though.

So to get to the point – A few weeks ago I managed to get my paws on a Void starter force box with the weird alien Koralon menace. As the name alludes to, the Koralon are part corals and part other organisms. At least that is my impression. So some kind of symbiotic life form, that can infect humans as well.

Any way, home I went to make the grand “unboxing”. I don’t particularly like unboxings. Also I don’t really like them on YouTube or Twitch. so I have let my friend Albus Tumbleweed handle the unboxing (the following text may contain some irony):

Left: “Wow! What a massive score! A whole box of shrink-wrapped Koralon for VOID. First off I gotta get this on Facebook. WOW!” Middle: “I tore through the wrap to get to the contents. WOW! It seems that the ORIGINAL white foam filler was intact. They used to add this stuff to boxes back in the day, so the contents would take up more space.” Right: “Inside the box, there were several bags of bobbleplast wrapped bags. Oh boy! WOW! These are the original plastic bags from back in 1999! They used add the bobbleplast so that the metal miniatures wouldn’t break back in the day. “
Left: “Now here is the contents of the box all laid out. There’s one phazon, 5 assault aratons, 5 tactical araktons and one… hey wait – there’s a guy missing here! Oh my. Oh no. This is so original – it is exactly like opening a box of Void back in the day. The spineblaster guy is missing! Right: Now here’s the figures all put together, with the original bases and the original dice and the original missing model. I will probably sell them now, that they’re unboxed and store the box on my shelf then.”

Thanks for that…

Well, After having prepped and primed a Koralon starter force I bought, it was time to give the miniatures a lick of paint. I knew from the get go that these figures were going to be speed paints… or at least speedier paints. So I settled that I would use Citadel Contrast to make them.

Very briefly, I used the Grey Seer Primer, as undercoat, and then the following:

Skin – On top of the grey undercoat the first layer applied wash the undiluted Darkoath Flesh. After it was dry “streaks” were made to emulate the fibers of the muscles with Coat D’Arms light tank grey. A few additional highlights with army painter white was added on top of this.
Chitinous parts – The green base was a mix of Warp Lightning contrast and Plaguebearer Skin contrast. This was followed by highlights with Vallejo Model Colour (VMC) Lime Green and Yellow Green.
Weapons and ‘trims’ – Base coat of Agaros Dunes. Highlight with VMC Beige.
Sword blades – Warp Lightning contrast, followed by VMC Lime green and VMC yellow green.
Masks – Voluptous Pink mixed with Magos Purple as the base. No further highlights.
Also I don’t really like them on YouTube or Twitch.
Bases – VMC dark earth basing goop, followed by VMC lime green and VMC yellow green. Edges with VMC gloss black.

That is it actually. Nothing much. Here is the final result:

Assult Araktons – beef hulks ready to bash you with their… seaweed swords?
Tactical Araktons – I have no idea about the game, but in an army with nearly only close combat, I am guessing that some shooting is going to be important.
Grendel – a special character – I don’t know much more than he supposedly is a former Viridian turned Koralon.

Gaming wise I am hoping much to meet up with Torben (that I mentioned in the beginning) that has a fair collection of Void miniatures and, I think, especially Viridians. For me it will be an interesting journey into something new, while for him it might be more of a reminiscent journey back to something that once was. We have discussed a 1000 pts game, so I have some painting to do yet.

Luckily I have not run out of figures… and I might show more VOID here over the coming weeks.

If you made it all the way through the text to this point, don’t hesitate to leave me a note in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Viking out!


  1. Hmm, well if you paint two forces, could you lure a friend to play? 😉
    The rules are basically 3rd Edition 40k, with bits from 2nd Edition 40k, and using a D10 rather than a D6, so I wouldn’t imagine it would be too hard for any old salts to pick up…?
    Of course, with the Challenge running, getting and painting more models would be tricky, but I hope that at some point you come back to VOID. It’s a surprising good but underrated game! 😀
    Incidentally, there are two copies of the main rules floating about; the original “purple book”, and the later re-do that came in the starter box with all the plastic figures (it has a Junkers Legionnaire fighting on the front). The purple book came with some basic army lists and a starter army suggestion in the back for every faction, whereas the later book had no army lists or starter suggestions but did have a battle report and eight scenarios to play instead.
    (…For the re-do book, I always wished they’d updated the army lists from the purple book and added the new scenarios instead of the battle report filler, sigh!).
    Anyway, best of luck with the new year! 🙂


    • Ha! Yes, but there’s a sad angle to that story… I had a quite large Viridian force, that I bought back in the naughties. But I handed it off. It would have been perfect.

      Anyway I can promise you that I will return to the Koralon. I have weak spot for aliens… be they X-com style, Mars Attacks, Aliens, Koralon, or Tyranids.



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