Void of Darkness: Lhars Thin Skids and his scorpion farm

Drinking lemonade shanty / Ain’t no body gonna do me harm / But I’m like a fish out of water / Down here on the farm

Our ongoing Rogue Trader campaign features the unlikely hero, magos biologis Erythron Mon S’lant, and his crew of near-do-wells. They are currently trying to find the whereabouts of a high ranking Adeptus, who has gotten himself lost in a terrible trade-war that is raging on Melnibonea between the Yoyos and the Phags.

Unfortunately, the Imperial army doesn’t want to send in soldiers, as they think it would harm their supplies of nox-fueld and hence they would much prefer to let the Melniboneans fight it out and simply buy from the winner.

This means that Mon S’lant travels through a planet that in turmoil and that he has no back up from the Imperial army to help him. Last we played, he tried getting a shuttle to go out into the jungle, but he was instead mugged and robbed of his credits in Meat City. Now it is time for Mon S’lant to venture out on foot along the river, where to the area Adeptus has last been spotted.

The Melnibonean country side is treacherous and many strange being lurk there. Quite a few excentrics existences can also be found… counted among these is Lhars Thin Skids. Lhars has been a farmer all his life and no one is more apt at breeding rad scorpions, tiger scorpions and Khardashian nano scorpions than him. In fact, any kind of scorpion, for any kind of use, Lhars is your guy.

Here I have painted up only a few select scorpions, that have all been domesticated and form part of his personal household:

Mathilda Thin Skids

First we have Mathilda. She is as close to a wife or girlfriend as Lhars has ever had. And while she doesn’t cook, take care of the laundry, or do the dishes… well in fact she doesn’t do any household chore. But what she lacks in domestic disciplines she makes up for in fierce aggresiveness, massive strenght, and insane toxicity! Mathilda is a full grown 167 year old Rad scorpion, that has been in Lhars family for generations.

Urnie and Burd

Urnie and Burd are to very exotic Pan Tangyan hunter killer jungle scorpions, that have been grown to exceptional size by Lhars. How in fact this has been achieved is only for Lhars to know, but one thing is sure – you don’t want to get on the wrong end of these teenagers. Urnie and Burd can often be found patrolling the grounds around the farm.

The children

Mathilda has recently spawned 6 scorpions and these toddlers roam the farm playing and investigating the surroundings. Who the father is remains a mystery. But judging by their size as infants they will rival even Mathilda in size one day.

Lhars Thin Skids himself

Lastly we have Lhars Thin Skids. At 73 years he is quite old for a Melnibonean human. It is rumoured that he has concocted a special scorpion juice that extends his life and keeps him healthy.

Lhars is based on a zombie miniatures from the once great Mega Miniatures.


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