Do or Dice 2019

I went to Germany over the weekend to participate in a bike run and also, as it turns out, a gaming convention called Do or Dice. 
The convention was a nice size with about 20 games and 100 persons. 
At the place there was the possibility of buying sausages, coffee and cake. A nice selection of miniatures by Front Line games and a bring and buy in the usual very orderly German fashion (lists and codes for everything).
Adeptus Titancius 2019 style

Fall Out Wasteland Warfare

Star Wars

Star Trek

Gas Lands

Mutants and Death Ray Guns/Necromunda

Classic Dungeon Crawl

Classic miniatures always catch my attention

I was fortunate enough to partake in a game of Fall Out Wasteland Warfare under the watchful eye of Toby (Green Knight from Lead Adventure). It was an interesting game I think.

I much like the rules, although it falls in the modern ditch of having lots of special dice/tokens/rulers and so on. To me what stood out, was how well it felt like the actual Fall Out. The character cards gave me a nice vibe and even though I hit absolutely nothing and my Mr. Handy Buzzsaw was worthless I thought highly of the setup.

Only down point was that we were 5 players vs. the super moootants and the game bogged down somewhat due to the usual lack of attention that befalls most gamers under such circumstances.

Super mutatnts – initially unaware of the approaching scavengers

I played a Robot butler character and decided to go to the very end of the board in order to attempt noise making and drawing out the super mutants. 

We had only 7 turns to reahch inside the Red Rocket and access a terminal with vital information. 
As luck would have it we located the password for the terminal in a cooler box (WTF!) outside the Rocket. 

The place was littered with Nuka Cola. Fortunate, as they instilled our heroes with power and extra fortune… during the game

Thanks to Björn (Driscoles) and co workers for making Do or Dice possible. I will make sure to return next year, perhaps even with a game. 


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