The Forces of Lord Gloss: Meat for the Grinder

Many mortal warriors seek fame and fortune by following the Rage of Lord Gloss
Painting units has always been more labour than fun for me… especially in fantasy when things were to go in ranks and be invisible, save the front rank. I am a skirmish gamer at heart and the whole idea of painting multitudes of sameish figures leaves me with a blank stare. 
But in order to complete this army for Lord Gloss, I have to buckle up and get the meat ready for the grinder. As ever, I have taken the shortest possible route. Let’s face it – if I were to paint this guys to any noticeable standard I would still be doing this come next spring. 

The Despoilers of The Geographically True North
So instead I have doubled my game and pace and hammered through these units to get them to the table. It is ugly, when viewed up close, but I think it works well at the 1.5 m playing distance. I believe this is sometimes referred to as ‘tabletop standard’. 

The Despoilers of the True North

The recipe is completely without variation. I go for a ‘Blanchitsu’ look by keeping the palette simple and narrow… and then using whites, sepia, splatter and gloss varnish to get the job done. These late 90’s plastics don’t really have a lot to offer. The Chaos Warriors are particularly bad. I do remember how impressed we were with the set when it first came out though. 

Morten and the Maraoudeurs
The marauder set is very very versatile and has literally been applied in thousands of different contexts over the years, from Post Apocalypse to Imperial Guard and what not. It must be one of the most successful plastic kits GW has ever done and I believe it is still on sale today. These turned out a bit more rough than I would have preferred but by any standard they are still OK for me. 

My army now at a whopping 1140 points. The amount of units I still need to do does not look so intimidating anymore. Also I am at the point where I can actually start trying the game now… I wonder if it is any good?! Indicated in blood red below, for her pleasure, is the units that have been finished so far. 

Lord Gloss The Rageful – Bloodthirster Of Insensate Rage (280)
s’Haggy D’oo – Dragon Ogor Shaggoth (180)
Slambo (80)
Bob The Destroyer – Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount (140)
Zumzin Frum Aboog – Chaos Sorceror Lord (140)
Arkmett the Terrible – Chaos Chariot (80) -Greatblades
Morten and The Maroudeurs – 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) -Axes – Damned Icon
Despoilers of The True North – 10 x Chaos Warriors (180) -Hand Weapon & Shield
Despoilers of The Geographic North – 10 x Chaos Warriors (180) – Halberds & Shield
Sniksnak’s Murder Bouquet – 10 x Bloodletters (100) – Gore Drenched Icon
Hoogie, Doogie and Loogie – 3 x Chaos Ogres (120)
The Mutts of Doom – 5 x Flesh Hounds (100)
The Angelic Psalm of Gore – 5 x Chaos Knights (200) -Ensorcelled Weapons
s’Teeg, s’Taag and s’Toad – 3 x Dragon Ogors (160) -Ancient Weapons
Total: 2000/2000
Heroes: 5/6    Battlelines: 7 (3+)    Behemoths: 1/4    Artillery: 0/4



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