The Forces of Lord Gloss: Bob The Destroyer

No force is complete without a set of champions to aid their lord. Lord Gloss’ army is no different and Bob The Destroyer has been the faithful captain of Gloss for centuries. Bob earned his title of ‘the Destroyer’ after raging through a Crystal City very early on in the Age of Chaos. The Destoyer left nothing but shards of broken glass behind as he smashed through the Crystal Ships as they were being filled. He killed a thousand girls and a thousand shrills and invented a millions new ways to die. He razed Crystal Palaces and toppled The Great Inverse Pyramid of Obnotha.

If you have been following my earlier posts on Lord Gloss’ army then the painting on this model will offer you nothing new. It is speedily done and executed with a complete want of attention to details. Everything was blocked in… 

…and then the colours where highlighted with increasing amounts of orange/white for the reds and just white in the base colours for the rest. The whole thing was then finished off with a GW Sepia wash and a coat of gloss varnish… interluded by some splatter from a toothbrush with tamiya clear red, black or brown. 
I found this little model in my pile too and I think it would be a fitting Bob the Destroyer on foot. I haven’t included it in the army though and as such it won’t feature. 
And finally here’s the 720 points completed by now. As always the units there are done are indicated in blood red. 
Lord Gloss The Rageful – Bloodthirster Of Insensate Rage (280)
s’Haggy D’oo – Dragon Ogor Shaggoth (180)
Slambo (80)
Bob The Destroyer – Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount (140)
Zumzin Frum Aboog – Chaos Sorceror Lord (140)
Arkmett the Terrible – Chaos Chariot (80) -Greatblades
Morten and The Maroudeurs – 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) -Axes – Damned Icon
Despoilers of The True North – 10 x Chaos Warriors (180) -Hand Weapon & Shield
Despoilers of The Geographic North – 10 x Chaos Warriors (180) – Halberds & Shield
Sniksnak’s Murder Bouquet – 10 x Bloodletters (100) – Gore Drenched Icon
Hoogie, Doogie and Loogie – 3 x Chaos Ogres (120)
The Mutts of Doom – 5 x Flesh Hounds (100)
The Angelic Psalm of Gore – 5 x Chaos Knights (200) -Ensorcelled Weapons
s’Teeg, s’Taag and s’Toad – 3 x Dragon Ogors (160) -Ancient Weapons
Total: 2000/2000
Heroes: 5/6    Battlelines: 7 (3+)    Behemoths: 1/4    Artillery: 0/4


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