Black Tree Design Zulu War Surgeon

 Today I finished a piece from Black Tree Design. I think the range has a lot of true gems in it, but it seems to be overlooked lately with the plethora of plastic crap being spewed out by other manufacturers.

 One thing I couldn’t really add up was how to position the kneeling guy. I assume his hands were meant to hold the foot of the patient, but then the whole thing would have to be raised by 0.5 cm… which I didn’t want to do.

 I’m having quite a lot of trouble taking photos these days and thus I’ve tried to take these images outside. I hope they look OK on most screens. They look perfect on my computer and other shite on my mobile.

 The colours I’ve used are mainly Foundry and P3. The red is Skorne Red with Sanguine Base as shadow and Khador Red and Khador Red Highlight as highlights.
The blue is Foundry Prussian blue triad.
Whites are always (with me) painted using Humbrol Acrylic 34 white.


  1. Superb looking vignette. I agree these BTD figures are underrated – and your brushwork really brings out the high quality. Photography looks good to me too.



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