Caladrial XI Part 1

Fred and I played a game 40k with 1000 pts lists

A platoon of Dark Angels was given the task to teach an Ork warband a lesson after the Orks had not fulfilled their part of their mercenary conctract. They should have fought for the empire as mercenaries and had gotten a lot of gold to do so. But at a vital moment no Orks ever turned up…

Dark Angels were to grab the gold again and possibly catch the Ork Warboss (secondary objective). The Orks were just to survive.

  The Angels are landing

 I got a lucky strategy card: Malfulction. A marine missile launcher blew up in the face of it’s firer.

 The sniper rifles were quite hard to the Orks. My poor weird boy just died without further notice. So did a lot of the orks. Future lesson must be to keep the weird boy at the back… in a mob!

 My grots were desperately trying to use their smasha gun on the enemy leader but it had little effect.

 The big battle of the game stood between the lots in this photo. My dreadnought eventually joined the fight (and when the Warboss bit the dust it ran off with the tail between it’s legs)

My Shokk Attack gun wasn’t able to do much either. In fact I think mos of my guns were wanting to fire at enemy machines but in a 1000 pts game there aren’t any!

Anyway I lost hands down. It was a good game and the selection of troops I had brought was rather poor against an all infantry force with no vehicles. Lesson learned!



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