Saxon Noble Peada ab Aelfgar

 Peada ab Aelfgar – Son of a peasant with an iron liver and a nasty habit of flatulence. And 1st noble of Saxon warlord Ceawlin.

I always have a very hard time photographing white nuances… and this was no different! I tried to go at it with a bit less lighting and I think it helped a lot.

The paint job is fairly straight forward. I undercoated the miniature black with gesso and then gave it a thorough drybrushing all over with Vallejo British uniform brown.

After that I started putting on basic colours and layering up to a sort of highlight… tried to avoid anything too extreme as I’ve grown a bit weary of the extreme GW highlights these days. I guess the cape is still a bit too highlighted but I think the blue nuance treats it nicely.

I really like the Vallejo model colour series and use that an Humbrol acrylics almost exclusively. I have some metal GW paints that I use as well, but they don’t make the octagon bottles any more.

Let me know what you think!



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