More Warriors and Adelwaeder redone

 I managed to finish this fine lot of Saxon Warriors – Duguth. They’re the last I’ve got, so now I’ve ordered some more. 😀

I added a design to Adelwealh (dubbed Adelwaeder by some). It is a right copy of LBM’s shield designs but I do not have the knowledge of the period to make up some of my own… or the talent I think.


And a musical treat:


  1. Impressive work TorbjörnWill we see some pictures of the whole Saxon warband?If your force are finnished you might start up the raiding of the Britts before they are prepered i.e before Stephen have finished his warband as he only may play with painted minis;)Good luck with the gaming and also painting of the feoderatisBest regards Michael


  2. Yeah sure!I will set up a lavish scape with terrain and all and take som 'in situ' shots of the force. I don't have any real buildings for this sort of stuff yet, but might attempt something inspired by Asterix. I've ordered some Goths to fill the role of foederati/mercenaries.Gaming wise we're still waiting on the Dumnonians.. Stephen, being from actual Devon, is in no hurry.. ever! ;-D


  3. Ahh Vikings 🙂 look forward seeing them. Started my own little Warband and will soon need a opposing force. And the LeadAsbestos is sending me his Dux Brits book, so will soon know what its all about. 10 miles you say …? 😀



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