British VSF vehicles

Over the years I have made a few British steam tanks and other vehicles for my VSF games. 
The British Tube-2 – armed with a Sonic Reducer 
I made this steam tank for my British army. Hopefully I will soon be adding actual infantry to the army…  lol
The tank is armed with a novel new technology called a Sonic Reducer. How it works is not known beyond the walls of the Institute of Steam Technology in London. 
It also sports a high caliber machinegun in front. 
Tube-1 steam tank
Swigley A23 Aeronef
Royal Two steamship alternative view
Walking Bomb Automatons with clockwork technology

Isembard Kingdom Brunel has finally joined the African campaign. In doing so Britain has upped the arms race a knot. Here are presented Brunel’s famous Walking Bomb Automaton. Inspired by the Mahdi’s piloted version of the same.
Close up
Close up of 

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