Åcon 2011 So Foot Woman

This year’s Åcon is over and we had a blast playing our annual (semi annual) B-movie: The story short: The neofascist film director Lors van Triangel has in collabroration with bug eyed monsters released a host of genetically enhanced monster on Røvede. His plan is to film a live action dogme monster film with everything as authentic as possible and no actors! Throughout the city Lors has had several crates of raw film placed so that his camera crew won’t run out. Little can be done about the rampaging monsters but Stein Bagger, the mayor of Røvede, has decided at least to ruin the filming project. The parts are: The Home Guard – low grade no good fatties that sit around drinking coffee and eating cake rather than fighting. The Røvede Police Department – low grade no good fatties that sit around drinking coffee and eating doughnuts rather than fighting. The SWAT – Hardened veterans and brilliant fighters that shoot first and arrest later. The Spiders from Mars Who Ate Our Babies: Vicious monsters that eat all the babies they come upon. They turn the dead into nests for their own babies. The So Foot Woman – Former Wife of Lors van Triangle. Now in a complete rage as she is too big to fit in bathrooms, too big to find her make up, no shopping malls cater for her size and it’s that time of month The Bug Eyed Monsters – evil alien geneticists responsible at least in part for all the ravage. And action! The film crew Warmaster and his true love! Overview Again And again aaaaaand again! So Foot Woman had a special “throw car” attack Michael contemplates the next move of Røvede PD Which turns out to be a failed attempt at a hand brake turn. So Foot Woman throws a car a the PD Killing two officers The RPD is in knee deep all over.. The Games Master deciphering numeral differential equations within seconds to find a solution to a situation that has arisen. The SWAT team players… Sun glasses are not optional SWAT team crossing a dry stone wall…… Home guard en route to … something important no doubt! Home Guard facing the awesome might that is the So Foot Woman SWAT securing a crate of raw film Bug Eyed Monsters have set another car alight The Spiders use dead to hatch even more spiders! Home Guard fail to start a tractor on 2+ The Mayor of Røvede is quickly rescued in a Black Hawk Bug Eyed Monsters are zapping the Home Guard with their ray guns The Hair that is the So Foot Woman! lol Epic Close combat! General chaos The Black Hawk flees the So Foot Woman She catches up with it… And whacks it to the ground! Cuuuuut! The End!


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