Stalagmites for Underground Gaming

Morlocks and their giant four armed apes rummage around under the ground
Any respectable VSF gamer will at some point consider venturing underground. I am no exception. Hence I decided to make some stalagmites (the stalactites have some issues in 28mm).


A lone prussian in exotic climate uniform is wandering the spooky tunnels.
Basically I followed the tutorial seen for the lava terrain – making indent in wet sand and pouring plaster into it. Once dry, the plaster was sanded down, and fixed with any kind of filler glue (No More Nails etc.)
Just out of the sand.
After fixing them, additional sand was added to blend the feature with the base. Cheap wall paint diluted with water was used to  basecoat the terrain and everything else was achieved by consecutive layers of drybrushing.
Overview of the stalagmites in various stages.
I did not photograph the building process. But as mentioned it is the same as for the volcanic lava .terrain

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