Victorian Sci Fi at Do or Dice 2010

Together with Uncle Jonas from deathworldadventures I planned and painted a lavish VSF setup. 
The Prussian encampment is stormed by British forces and steam tanks
The style of gaming we have intended is reminiscent of 40k with plenty of vehicles and infantry dugging it out at close quarters. 

Plumes of smoke designate both steam and shells exploding.
For this particular game though we used Gaslight rules. The actual events of the battle escapes me now, but I have added some flavour text to the images. 
The game revolved around a British assault on a Prussian unobtainium mine in India. 

Winge monkeys were pivotal to the success of the British. These poor autometons and afghans don’t stand a chance.

Is that a noble woman lurking about?

Irregular cavalry storming towards the Prussian tents.

From behind the sand bags the British take position to storm the unobtainium mine.

A steam tank training its sight on the pickelhaubes.

Counter attack by the Prussians

There’s no way to breach a steam tank once it comes rolling

The price at the end is the unobtainium mine.

Uncle Jonas was in charge of the rules and knew them by hart, always ready to give instructions.

A Prussian boring machine from Ramshackle Games.

Prussian steam powered sentry guns

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