Painting: Treeman and Werewolf

I’ve painted a treeman and a werewolf for my “Army of The Evil”. I use the army with the Armies of Arcana rules set.

Treeman Colours: I took a large brush and drybrushed grey, green and brown patches on the model. I then mixed the colours and drybrushed at random. The mixed colour was then lit up by some vomit brown followed by vallejo bone.
The spongy/shroomy/whatevery areas were drybrushed emerald green. The emerald was then mixed with light grey before a final brush of light grey only. Teeth are vomit brown followed by yellow. Eyes are bone colour followed by yellow. Claws are bone colour.

Again I started out with a large brush and drysbrushed it dark grey. then lit up the colour with bone colour. Eyes were painted red. Teeth & claws: vomit brown, yellow, yellow+bone, bone.

Red Ridinghood: Basecoated VP flat red+ a drop of GW red ink, lit with flat red + sunset red, lit with sunset red, lit with sunset red + bone colour. Hair vomit brown. Skin dwarf flesh, elf flesh, elf + bone, bone.

Bases: Black, dark angels green and finally camo green overbrush and GW static grass. Last two steps not complete in the picture.



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