Painting/Review: Italeri 20mm British Infantry

I painted 42 british soldiers for Operation Overlord by Italeri.

The detail of the miniatures is really good. It’s soft plastic though and it’s a bit tricky to make paint stick. I gave them a wash in spirit first and secondly a white GW undercoat. The mould lines are heavy and hard to get rid off because of the plastic. It’s great value for money, but I’d never use them for an entire army. Good casualty figures though.

Painting: I used thinned down versions of the colours to make the highlights appear by themselves. After painted I soaked the minis in my own stew of white glue, water and brown ink. I don’t really know the exact amounts.. try it out. Anyway – enough glue will give the ink the same abilities as the famous “dipping” stains.

Helmet and ammobags: GW Camo Green
Clothes: V British Uniform
Belts and bags: V Khaki+ V White (1:4)
Boots: V Glossy Black with a drop of V Dark Grey
Guns: V Black Grey and GW Vermin Brown
Skin: V Medium Flesh
Bases: Black, Thinned GW Snake Bite Leather, GW Snake Bite Leather+ V Ochre Yellow (1:3)


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