Haywire Tournement!

Yesterday I participated in a tournement at the local club. Haywire it was called.

We were all meant to bring friendly and completely painted armies. Oh and there were no victory points – only objectives! Nice concept.

I only played 3 of the 4 games.. as I’d managed to double book my day.

Kenneth employs sneaky taktiks
First game was with Kenneth who had a tyranid army. I had no idea what to do with my orks so I just deployed them, shouted really loudly and pulled all the triggers I could grab. After a few round I had no orks left. Great battle! Plenty of violence!

Sceond battle was with Morten Loof and his Black Templars of doom. My initial thought was “oh shit!”. We played a scenario called Eye of Terror. Each turn you were able to deepstrike any sqaud on the table (not vehicles) just like the necrons do. Furthermore you had to check whether night fight rules applied at the start of EVERY turn.
I actually managed to win this game… don’t ask how! The deepstriking thing was a quite good ally as my orks could actually reach the enemy that way. There were a lot of “kleva finkin” to do.. which I failed miserably to do.
The game had random game lenght – and that was how I won.. I had ONE scoring unit left and Mortens terminators only needed to kill one ork with their shooting to make him win. Unfortunently for him I rolled a 2 when we checked whether there would be another turn…. so I won.

The whole game (apart from one turn) was played with night fight rules, so I wasn’t able to take any pictures.

The nasty 1KSons taunt the orks by hiding in a land raider
Last game was with Kean. He had a really nice Thousand Sons army. The scenario was kalled Don’t Kill The Messenger.
A messenger was positioned in the absolute center of the table. Every turn he moved directly away from the nearest enemy. I missed this part… so I parked my battlewagon on his toe.. which made him run over to Kean’s marines..
The game ended shortly after this as Kean embarged with the messenger in a land raider and took out the few units I had that were able to kill the raider.


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