My battlewagon for a horse!

This saturday I’m playing in a tournement at my local gaming club. Part of the concept is that people will play fair armies and that everything must be painted. Nice!

So I began thinking about what to bring.. seeing “fully painted” as a deciding clue in my investigation I picked up a couple of orks and went “hruumm??”.

Now I couldn’t think of a more fair army than the Orks. They suck! And they have plenty of guns that go bang and lots og vehicles that will not make a licking difference… Great konvershun possiblities and yada yada..

The plan for my orks is to paint them as BLood Axes but use the SnakeBites list as it – strange as it may seem – feels a lot more suited for BA’s. I’ve gotten hold of about 40 catachan jungle fighters to use as human allies (will use the hunta profile for these) and I’ve been working up some Ork rough riders (boar boyz).
I can still take stormy boyz, a looted vehicle and kommandoes as BA should.

For the tournement I’ll just play them as standard codex:orks orks.


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